Saturday, October 20, 2012

A sorry SF questions the assertion that the UNP made a mistake in hindsight in supporting SF’s candidature for Presidency.

It is no secret that the UNP grossly miscalculated the possibility of how much damage SF himself could do to his campaign, and therefore concluded after the elections that they should not have fielded him. Even RW would have polled more votes in that election, just as he had polled over half a million more votes in the previous Presidential Election, which he only lost due to the cunning of MR to convince Praba with millions in cash to prevent Tamils from voting.

For SF to question this fact now seems to be too little too late on an issue that is done and dusted long ago. So using the rally to convince himself that he was robbed of his presidency is just hallucinating with the facts.

SFs pontifications on the eve of the elections, put off a lot of UNP voters from voting in that election, and further the many who could not stomach to vote for a swan when they can only do for an elephant!

I am just pointing to the absurdity of these statements when the finger must be pointed at the daily activities of this Govt. and how it is robbing the people blind. The UNP is playing that card, not hard enough I feel, but given the meager resources at their disposal today, they are engaged in as good a job as any. So it is the duty of the SF camp to lend support to them to fight this fight, rather than attempt to fight a campaign with leadership that they cannot even hope to provide.

The rally was fruitless, as the objectives are already in focus and a fight has begun. SF not content with playing second fiddle to Sajith is hoping this would give him sufficient credibility to supplant Sajith from the Deputy Leader position in the UNP, and is trying an entry through the back door. This attempt clearly failed, before it began, due to the failure of the rally to garner sufficient support, with NO notable figures, other than SF at the rally.

Let us hope that a combined opposition can truly be formed with the UNP taking its leadership to challenge the legitimacy of the administration to govern in light of the recent revelations, which question some of the Supreme Court rulings in favor of those in power. It is the duty of the opposition to inform the public of the failings in Govt., point by point for the people to determine the right and wrongs and make up their minds.

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