Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pattapalboru – the campaign of lies and deception the State is engaged in! of course sponsored by none other than those in Power!

The main plank of the Government’s popularity has been a concerted effort, in a manner never done in the past, to deceive the public of its true intentions. This has meant that all media, private and government have been complicit knowingly or unknowingly due to the enormous pressure put on the media to comply.

For example the full page ads put into all the newspapers, some which depend solely on them for survival are part of the misinformation of the public. Often the cost of the project being advertised is less than the advertisement itself, but gains a level of public perception as a government that is actually doing something.

One must always remember that in the past work was constantly been done, as today, without the publicity it garners today due to the efforts of the govt. so people get a misunderstanding as to the work done in the past as compared with the work that is done at present. In fact more was done then than now.

Granted many roads have been built, with money borrowed and huge commissions made with many of the Govt. supporters making fortunes out of the people’s money that is borrowed usually at high rates of interest to support these untoward profits and commissions and bribes, all indistinguishable one from the other.

It is important that people understand what is normal, what is special and what is actually attributable to the government. Whilst it is not easy to know the facts as none of us can pretend to be psychic, we can get an idea after a fashion on the rights and wrongs of how things are done. It is important to have the tools to distinguish between what is likely to be correct or deceptive and then research further if one is troubled about the facts presented. This is the normal inquisitive mind at work, when presented with tall tales of right and wrong. A person who is educated sufficiently to look behind what is fed is able to get at the truth easier and more assuredly than one who is not.

Let us all take time to look into how we lead our lives, decide on right and wrong and then determine if the people making statements are more likely to be telling the truth or lying. Therein lies the answer to many a problem.

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