Friday, October 19, 2012

SF is only strengthening MR’s hand not weakening it - The outcome of the Hyde Park Rally

A rational observer who went to the Hyde Park Rally yesterday, organized by the United Bhikku Front a non-existent organization must feel that the Maha Sangha in the form of the Bhikkus should not get involved in this sort of divisive politics. It should have been organized by Sarath Fonseka himself so why use a number of breakaway monks to do this task?

Its latest theme was to fight the dictatorial executive presidency system. Well this theme has already been taken up and a united opposition with the leadership of the UNP, the largest single political party has already begun that fight. So why compete with that and try to usurp its leadership?

These are hallmarks of failed direction and vision on the part of the organizers and participants, who have been mistakenly lead by a group who believe they can perform miracles of their own in galvanizing a third force.

It must be noted that even the JVP who is so much against the executive presidency DID NOT support this, when they are part of the DNA coalition with the SF front. Further Tiran Alles the principal sponsor of the DNA failed to come and therefore to support this event.

It is only a fact that politicians who have left their mother find temporary solace in these antics which have completely left them out in the cold, with no party to hold onto and in reality left to drift in the ocean with NO anchor.

It is a matter of time when SF will realize it is only through the UNP that he can have any traction in the future especially as he is not permitted to contest any election for a further 7 years which will effectively leave him permanently out in the cold. So those sad followers will again be left in the lurch, in just the same way Sajith left them out in the cold after they came out in support of him. It is very foolish in politics to support a person who one knows will abandon ship.

Let us face facts. It is MR that benefitted from the rally, not SF or the UNP. To that extent SF supported MR is a shameful testament to the direction which the UBF took him like a lamb to slaughter to further make him look silly in contesting the results of the last Presidential Elections, when there is no doubt as to who did the most damage to his cause, SF harmed himself only as he was his worst enemy and with hindsight that fact is clear.

The final nail in the superstitious coffin was when the heavens opened up and rained buckets when the rally began!

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