Friday, October 26, 2012

It’s a shame the Chief Justice MUST resign to save face!!! - Just when we thought the Judiciary was trying to become independant

I pointed out at the time the CJ was appointed that it was BAD for Sri Lanka to have her husband serve as a political appointee as Chairman of the National Savings Bank. (NSB) He should have resigned and found a job in the private sector in NO compromising capacity to protect his wife’s position if he had any sense.

Events have proved prophetic, as he had to resign earlier in the Scandal where the EPF were involved in deals to put together The Finance and NSB in some sort of alliance, and it was done NOT as an arm’s length transaction, but under severely questionable circumstances. Now he is accused of taking a bribe to support it.

Today’s announcement that the former Chairman of the NSB, the largest deposit taking institution in the Country with assets (people’s money) exceeding Rs500Billion, is being taken to court by the Bribery Commission is shocking. HOW CAN HIS WIFE SERVE IN ANY CAPACITY AS A JUDGE LET ALONE THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF THIS COUNTRY?

It is surprising that no journalist or opposition politician is asking this question. It has to be asked, and answered with rational legal and moral argument of good governance. IT CANNOT BE ANSWERED so it is a clear case of the CHIEF JUSTICE BEING FORCED TO STEP ASIDE UNTIL THIS CASE IS RESOLVED ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

I am not saying that the former Chairman of the NSB is guilty. I will give him the courtesy that you are innocent until proven guilty, unlike in the Rajapakse Government you are guilty even before being accused, and you are dealt death without being able to answer any allegation. So until the case is heard, and a ruling is made, it is the duty of the Chief Justice to resign. I expect her to do so shortly if she has any conscience, and if she does not at least summarily divorce her man just to look as if she is not tainted by him.

I am sad it had to come to this, but it is the President of Sri Lanka who did not heed my advice and get him to resign long ago. I am told the guy is a decent chap, a bit of a simpleton, who can be easily manipulated by others. In that sense he may be the fall guy for a much bigger scandal that he is either covering up or has been used as a tool of other more powerful people. Who can that be? ANY GUESSES?


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