Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Blogosphere in all three Languages MUST become the conscience of a humiliated nation – take courage we must take stand!–it will roll on

Where are we heading? The speed of the logic defying antics of the administration has taken on a new dimension and has gathered pace.

As if the KP statement that there are NO criminal proceedings is not enough, we have the ex- CJ admitting that he had enough on MR to ban him from ever seeking office, due to the ‘Helping Hambantota’ daylight robbery. Then there are the ridiculous statements about banning tuition in the last week of exams, from the Tuition Master turned politician. As if that was not enough, the FUTA has been tricked, the proposed budget in fact is cutting education as a percentage of GDP, it is increasing the Defence Spending by leaps and bounds in a time of peace, with Fonseka being used by MR to play his divide and rule games that is just this week.

The list is just getting longer and longer, tempers are getting shorter and shorter, people are wondering how to make ends meet and the leaders are just acting as if nothing has changed, and the fleets and size and budgets of the spending politicians just get bigger. Even the President’s Office has asked for a stupendous increase in their allocation alone for next year and the deficit is ballooning out of control.

The Ada paper noted that EVERY Sri Lankan man, woman and child has a noose of Rs300,000 debt on their heads that the Govt. now owes which ultimately has to be paid. So the largess of all these years spending and wastage is all from the pockets of the working population of Sri Lanka.

The Fourth Estate, the Media is clearly impotent. They have been crushed into submission and are unable to tell the truth to the people. It is now completely up to the bloggers to let the people know what is going on. Once the people realize the true news is in the blogosphere they will turn to it in droves to find real news. Let us be responsible in what we report and ask people to use their common sense and make their own conclusions when in some instances we cannot verify the story that we have heard and put in the blog. We can also ask bloggers for some verification from their personal knowledge and experience to corroborate what is written.

The time is now the year is 2012, and the plan is to inform, and ask the readership to just consider, not believe what is in the blogs and make their own minds up, and come to their own conclusions.

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