Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ceylon Today Disposes – Has joined the Gutter Press!

Ceylon Today’s gutter journalists are at it again, with a head-line today of Sajith Proposes and Ranil Disposes. This refers to SP’s suggestion that the UNP make a hue and cry about the JSC Secretary’s beating up. (the reality by the way is a long way from the way the actual event transpired- but that is another story)

One must understand that the Leader of the Opposition does not behave like a jack in the box. He is more reasoned and considers both sides of the argument before jumping to conclusions. He is a seasoned politician, which most unseasoned politicians cannot understand as their perspective is still from the kindergarten or Montessori.

In RW’s view the Judiciary has been partial to the Govt. lately and particularly so against the Opposition. That is a far more serious allegation they have yet not been able to answer. Then there is a case where a Minister tried to knobble the judge in Mannar and when RW protested, the Judiciary in the form of the top law enforcer of the land slapped him in legal knots. In order to protect the judiciary which has acted so unfairly against the Opposition, to now take their side, when the opposition is not even asked to assist by the judiciary is calling for further embarrassment.

It is therefore correct for the Leader of the Opposition to desist from making direct comments against the action, but rather make the more reasoned comments which he did in Parliament calling for a Committee to look into the problems of good governance by preserving the independence of the Judiciary and Legislature from the Executive, the hallmarks of a mature functioning democracy. It was interesting that the Govt. benches also welcomed this request, and it sounds more like they (Govt. members) did not understand what they were welcoming. It was actually requesting that when the independence is compromised, it will take steps to correct the wrong when in fact none of the Govt. members were capable of doing so, without affecting their cosy relationship within Govt. as sycophants.

This is a good opportunity for Sajith also to take a leaf from his leader’s book and look beyond his short term nose, to the long term consequences of his actions. This I am sure will mature him to make correct decisions out of reasoning and not of gut reaction. A sign of growing up! It further reinforces the obvious that there is time yet for someone of his caliber to take on the leadership mantle. It is better to let a known devil carry on rather than allow an unknown angel make a devil of himself due to impertinence.

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