Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Poor Ms Janz – Her plea for Asylum falls on deaf ears!

The recently fired editor of the Sunday Leader has I believe requested asylum in Australia on the grounds that her life is in danger in Sri Lanka, having written articles critical of the Govt. I also understand that this request has been rejected by Australia, which believes that her life is not in danger.

Yes, Ms Janz wrote items critical of the Govt. Yes she also assisted the Govt. in putting the General in jail over the white flag incident. So yes she is playing a double game, and it is clear from the ruling that double gamers cannot have it both ways.

I am just as critical of the Govt. and possibly more. I have more to fear than Ms Janz as she is a public person, whose life the Govt. will not wish to mess with. Any act will generate bad publicity for international consumption. There will be no one to save my butt! I am too insignificant to warrant an investigation. I am one who the govt. would not have around to question daily unlawful acts committed against the citizens of Sri Lanka by this Govt.

People of lesser fame than Janz are far more fearful, as they should be and are more deserving cases for asylum than Janz. However they are more patriotic than Janz willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom, and democracy both of which are rapidly disappearing in this otherwise paradise island. We are a small minority who will not even take asylum, even if it was offered to us, as we believe we have to protect the people who cannot be protected by an increasingly autocratic regime that will not tolerate dissent of its practices. We have nothing to fear, when justice and right is on our side. Those who have no justice wish to harm those who believe in justice not the other way around. Let us remember that very clearly.

So when we fight for justice we do not have to fear those who break the law, even though they are not prosecuted today for their crimes. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse and soon those who flagrantly violate the law will face justice, but they are so drunk with power they fail to realize what is obvious to all the others that there are limits to such behavior.

We can only hope that Ms Janz can sleep soundly at night, realizing that she is too inconsequential for the Govt. to worry about as she is a spent force who has compromised many of her principles in favor of gain and is not one that comes within the context of being worthy of asylum!!!

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