Thursday, October 11, 2012

FUTA have suspended their action and will report to work tomorrow!

FUTA pulled out of the press conference today, but nevertheless decided to suspend their action. Tomorrow’s papers will put a spin on this story to bamboozle the most finicky reader, but the reality is that FUTA were hurting, without pay for three or more months. They have bills to pay, school fees, car payment and the like, which most of us mortals also have and could not see a way out of this except the one line given by a craft govt. to end the dispute.

They called on the support of the opposition for it, which they gave, and thanks to the combined forces stacked against the govt. were able to get this far, and get this level of comfort, as that is all that is from the Govt., that their grievances would be looked into.

There is NO let up in the 6% slogan of allocating this percentage from GDP to education as there is a growing debate as to what this percentage should encompass, and who should be included in it and even if it is practical as the current system cannot absorb the funds allocated to it, due to organizational failures in the State University system to manage capital expenditure wisely.

What a relief to the students. They can resume lectures, they can return to their dorms and boarding houses and can resume their degrees. It is also time to allocate to the 5600 additional intake owing to the Z score fallout.

Then there is the marking of A level scripts. That is long overdue. We do not want another Z score crisis do we when the results are announced perhaps in January or February or will it be March 2013?

Let us all get back to our senses and look at the plight of the Undergraduate. He must first learn how precarious his position is. He must then realize that his state degree really does little to ready him to the world of employment and there is a lot more for him to do. Let us take the initiative and lead that undergraduate to the reality of the employment world today, before he seeks employment by holding weekly employment seminars within the University System to ready him or her to the outside world where there are NO MORE Govt. jobs with desks. They have to work in the fields with lap tops, mobile phones and other equipment to do their jobs, without one place of work. They will have to travel long distances and be productive in what they do. Let them know that in other countries the Postmen have Masters Degrees.

That is just the start. But let them know reality. That is the service we owe our State University Undergraduates. Even Doctors are not sure of employment anymore. Let reality dawn on them NOW.

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