Monday, October 8, 2012

“THE PLAN WENT AWRY” – he was hoping the headline will be different – to shift focus from reality to entertainment!

We live in a make believe world in Sri Lanka. Take yesterday, the President was in his box watching the match like a puffed up peacock, hoping for a win, which can also be credited to the ‘regime’ but more to the point to tippex out the real story of the day from the headlines and reinstate a ‘T20WIN’ which no doubt would have resulted, if we had won.

The independence of the Judiciary has been compromised, not for the first time. The Secretary of the Judicial Services Commission, Mr Manjula Tillekeratne was assaulted by 4 unidentified persons near St Thomas College, Mt Lavinia. He had previously commented on the threat to members due to their stance against the Govt. on some legal matters. The President in his usual manner has condemned the assault, and also as is usual no real enquiry ensues nor is a report made public, making a complete mockery of his words.

So as this happened on Sunday, he turned up to the T20World Cup finals, convincing himself that the Stars were on his side, for Sri Lanka to win, and the appalling acts of injustice once again during his watch would fade from the front pages. If Sri Lanka won, we would have had the World Cup on the front pages of all the newspapers and that will be the talking point today, the day after. No talk then of the Govt. nobbling the Judiciary.

It is now a different story on the front pages, the assault on the officer, who once he had made this threat known over week ago should have been entitled to 24 hr security, but was NOT afforded it by the state, which offers security to unknown and silly inconsequential politicians, citing the rules!

It is now up to the sane public to understand what is happening under their noses, and come out in agitation against these Govt. inspired deeds on a daily basis until it stops or the Govt. resigns being unable to enforce law and order. It is when innocent civilians are accosted, threatened, abducted and beaten up on a daily basis that we have a law and order problem. Worse when it is all instigated by the state sponsored goons, the responsibility is unquestionably with the person at the top, as it is his whim that will continue this or summarily drop it from happening. We cannot live by threats, we only die by threats. We MUST reclaim our society from the ‘Sordid Scum,’ who operate with impunity as they are the ruling class!

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