Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Dregs of the Press - "Mawbima" at its usual tricks to fool the readership

The Rag Mawbima the Daily and Sunday Sinhala Paper of the Ceylon Newspapers Group owned by Tiran Alles now firmly with the Govt. and another sycophant of the Mahinda Rajapakse Regime is at it again to disguise its hand in glove love affair with the Autocrats. (started on Nov 18th last year on the Birthday of MR with a huge pull out praising his pretendership!)

Under its Rabidly anti Lankadeepa Editor, Thushara Guneratne who thankfully left the Wijeya Group purportedly for three times his prior salary to edit the Mawbima has today under an article purportedly written by a lawyer Devaka Lankatilleke spewed forth so much trash against  Thushara’s former employer Ranjit Wijewardene so as to make the article look silly. (The article in question is on page 15 of the Sunday Mawbima of 14th October 2012, which is on sale today, and I would recommend any reader who is able to read Sinhala and see through the news with some background to read)

The modus operandi today was to use a statement made by Ranil Wickremasinghe in Parliament on Tuesday over the real situation as it pertains to the Judiciary to hit at Ranil and the his uncle Ranjit, by digging up all Thushara’s bad dreams into print putting into focus the gutter press to which the Mawbima has stooped to.

It is time the reader of the papers realize the venom and anger the Editor has, which he finds some flimsy excuse such as an unrelated statement made by the Leader of the Opposition to get at the Wijeya Group. It is to the discredit of the ownership of the Ceylon Newspapers Group, which owes it to its readers to desist from personal attacks, that this still goes on.

Sadly we have too few rational and reasonable people in Sri Lanka to see through some of the rot that is the Press, and a Govt. which supports any rubbish said against anyone in opposition to them, as long as the mud does not stick on their filthy clothes that look snow white on the outside but has never been washed in the inside!

In Conclusion I can only see the level to which some of the gutter press in Sri Lanka is willing to stoop to achieve their limited short term goals, when the country needs to establish a sane, balanced and well rounded press to teach a thing or two to our people who have a lot to learn, not to believe what they read and to see behind the news. I hope that day dawns soon!

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