Monday, October 8, 2012

So now what is wrong? Is this De Ja Vu? Ala Sarath N Silva

Now we know in hindsight, as much as Sarath N Silva did when he was the Chief Justice, that he gave rulings which he now bitterly regrets. One was the ease with which elected Parliamentarians can switch sides at their whim and fancy no matter what the people who elected them think about it. This makes an absolute mockery of the Democracy that we pretend we are in.

In the same vein, the previously pliant Chief Justice who was appointed by the President for her subservience to him, and not for any pretence of her independence, seems for reasons of her own to have changed her attitude whether out of disgust of her personal circumstances, where her previously insider husband has been unceremoniously dumped like a criminal out the TFC or it it is that she has seen the light, is not in my purview to judge.

So are we in the same state all over again this time, much sooner, where the Chief Justice has finally realized that the Frankenstein’s monster that has been created partly by the judiciary’s actions needs to be reigned in?

It is time tomorrow in Parliament that the Opposition gets up and points to the chamber the ridiculous level to which the Executive has stooped and which is making a mockery of the rule of law and order let alone the independence of the judiciary. Whilst we do not support this judiciary as we have seen very biased reports, we must nevertheless support any attempt even by them of trying to change their ways for the better. We must therefore support them in the hope that the judiciary will turn round to an independent way of thinking.

This is a point that is lost on the majority of the people as they do not trust the law. They believe the law only helps the wealthy, and do not believe their rights are respected, either by the police, who abuse their basic rights or by the judiciary which costs too much, to seek fair and impartial justice.

We are now very clear that the State wishes to show by such lowly deeds that they will even stoop to attack an inconsequential official, and wish to give the message that they have no qualms about even resorting to murder to achieve their objectives. This will prevent other people considering putting themselves into the ring to join the others. It is a message to all, but it should also raise the wrath of the public to challenge the state directly.

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