Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Can the Asian Human Rights Commission Item - about the Govt. using Parliamentary privilege to defame the CJ be true?

The article I have inserted here which is too long to be included here, but hugely embarrassing for a self respecting country if true, must require a response from the Govt. If not it means that the Govt. is now resorting to unsubstantiated allegations that the Secretary of the Judicial Services Commission was attacked by persons at the behest of the Husband of the Chief Justice, for having an affair with his wife the Chief Justice!!!

The AHRC report   http://www.humanrights.asia/news/ahrc-news/AHRC-STM-215-2012?country=&campaign=&issue=12bb0f18278d98c239d1b15cc1432eee&document=

Surely such gross misuse of Parliamentary Privilege by the Govt. calls for an immediate outcry, however it seems that even the Press in Sri Lanka have resorted to be quiet, the facts are all there in Hansard, so it is not reporting any lies, just the truth. So for the Media in Sri Lanka to be threatened not to print this information as there would be other more serious action taken against them smacks of terror tactics on the part of the Govt. of Sri Lanka in suppressing real and truthful news.

When will the Sri Lankan population wake up and realize what is happening under their very noses, and we in Sri Lanka have to resort to outside sources to report what is going on inside this Country? The people act ignorant and that is unforgivable. When we struggle to get the news out to the people of this country under insurmountable odds, it is the duty of the Law Abiding people of this country to make a stand.

This Govt. is trying to frighten the CJ into permitting the Divi Neguma Bill, by accusing her Husband of Bribery, when he was fronting senior govt. sycophants, and now accusing the poor nincompoop of a husband who cannot organize a piss up in a brewery, to have alleged to have organized the attack on the JSC Secretary is beyond the PALE!!

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