Saturday, December 5, 2015

Why pile on more than one can CHEW? More positions for an already overloaded Minister.

Sri Lanka has a habit of handing over more tasks to the capable, that then make them incapable!

I think it is the Sri Lankans disease, that when someone is capable and able to perform his or her tasks well, people don’t like it. So what do they do? They just give him or her more work, and then more work until he or she succumbs to stress and blows up, and then disappears. People are envois of the capable, as most in positions of  power are unsuitable for the jobs they have been handed.

I really fail to see the reason for he added appointment for this Ratnapura District MP who came in from the Hela Urumaya and is extremely talented in his abilities to carry out his duties. Why kill him with overload?

It is time we understand the failings of our personality and our behavior and try to manage people’s work more fairly. Sri Lanka has a HUGE pool of talented people who have NOT been identified, who can perform. The trouble is that the people tasked are extremely incompetent, and useless, who don’t understand their limitations.

We have very few capable people with a vision in Parliament and due to this inadequacy of our people to elect the best, or for the best to seek election, knowing only the rogues are clever enough to fool the public we are left with bozos to run this Country.

Tragically this appointment is a clear indication as to why we need better people in Parliament, and even if we are able to appoint good people on the National List we patently failed there too. There is NO EXCUSE as losers were appointed on the National List on the UPFA ticket just so that the President could consolidate his power. Adding loser to losers is our trait as winners frighten us, as losers don’t want winners in their midst.

It is time we identify that we are woefully short of good and capable people, unlike politicians of yesteryear, who were able to identify their weaknesses and compensate by identifying capable people NOT fearing their positions.

We really need good people in Govt. and the sooner the better, so please do what is necessary to replace incompetence by excellence for the Country’s sake.    

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