Friday, December 11, 2015

Sri Lanka is the world’s second signatory to have ratified UNCAC!

International Anti Corruption Day – December 9th 2015

The leaders of our country for the first time gave this day the prominence it is due on the 9th in a ceremony at the Independence Square.

Of course the Bribery Commissioner was in her element at the event, and sent out sms alerts to all of us from DG -Bribery whether paid for by them or forced upon the Telecom operators I do not know at present but it was in English!

For the record it said “Bribery Commission msg on Int’l Anti-Corruption Day. I declare: I shall not pay a bribe, I shall not take a bribe & I shall report/give info on corrupt practices”

Who would have thought this was possible in Sri Lanka one year ago?
The link to the UN Convention Against Corruption Document which was approved or ratified is:

In recognition of this day, there was an excellent article on the FT of December 9th by Nihal Sri Ameresekera which pointed to the fact that Sri Lanka was the world’s SECOND signatory to have ratified the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) in March 2004 by Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister, making it all the more significant in our history. As of now 177 states have become parties to UNCAC, so being the second is NOT BAD!

SO now it is merely down to implementation, and whatever people say, and there is a lot of derogatory words against YAHAPALANAYA, in the end it is the people of Sri Lanka that MUST take this into their hearts and realize that ONLY by eliminating corruption, can we have an assured future for our children and generations to come to live in peace and prosperity.

There are NO ifs and buts here, and it is time that we educated the uninitiated and the people who think they are educated, that this simple concept if followed can do wonders for a just and prosperous future for this Country where there are NO parallels in the wealth that God has bestowed upon us.

 It is therefore high time that we start with the most corrupt and hold them accountable. It would be a nice geniture to start by arresting all 225 parliamentarians in one go, and ask them to prove that they have NOT been corrupt, not the converse! 


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