Thursday, December 31, 2015

The abolition of the Executive Presidency and need for a Bicameral Constitution

Lets face it, under the new Constitution I have proposed, Sirisena cannot seek new office, especially to try to become PM. Why would this fossil be given more time, when he has played his part in ruining his District to remain one of the POOREST districts in the nation when it can be one of the richest, bearing in mind the resources there.

The President will be elected by Parliament and will be purely in an honorary role to do some of the useless things that PM should NOT waste their time doing, like opening bridges and buildings!

Now the PM will be the Executive, but will be able to pick his Cabinet from anyone outside of Parliament. If he so chooses, he can appoint someone whom he likes from within but mostly they will be selected as in the US now, from Professionals familiar with their subject.

For example everyone including each and every worker in the Wildlife Department knows that Gamini Jayawickrema Perera (the Cabinet Minister in Charge of Wildlife Conservation) has no clue of the front and back of the elephant though he is from the elephant party. If his utterings about his subject are anything to go by it is simply embarrassing. We must therefore in future only appoint people who know their subject to positions of such, and it is up to Parliament to whom he remains answerable to any decision that is questionable or turns out to be wrong.

So there will be a new COLLECTIVE EXECUTIVE of the PM and Cabinet, and the Legislature will be the Parliament. The judiciary will be completely independent of both, and an upper house of NON elected appointees 4 from each District will be formed to opine on Parliamentary Pronouncements as an overseeing body, who could refer any laws passed for review and amendment prior to final enactment, and who will remain independent of parliament. These 100 members will be appointed to a two and a half year term, and the mid-term change can sometimes result in a review of contentious legislation.

They will only be paid upon attendance and will not have offices in the Administrative Capital as they will be residents in their respective Districts. This will give a truly representative second chamber drawn from the hinterlands, who will be able to balance any of the judgments made earlier.

This could be for older citizens of age 60+ if necessary to keep a balance in Parliament which will in future comprise many more youth.   

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