Friday, December 4, 2015

It takes an Observer to give us the TRUE Story – Sorry state of Tourism

The article with the link is a time for soul searching and a complete rethink on how we must approach Tourism, a potential game changer for the development of Sri Lanka for the next 20 years if handled properly.

An example of the level of ignorance and lack of vision of our politicians is highlighted in the asinine statements made by our Tourism Ministers in the attached link!

Obviously, they have not still appreciated that we are not able to properly service our tourists who arrive now, how on earth without a proper plan can we accommodate 4M is an indication of why we must chase these Ministers into the SEA! It is not about hotel rooms, it is about the carrying capacity of the Island and how many we can hold at one time, without putting undue pressure on infrastructure, which is already overloaded. We for example have already ruined YALA, so that by next year no tourist worth any value, will pay to go to YALA! Unless we have at last 10 more YALAS we cannot even digest this number.

So you MORONS in Tourism, it is NOT a numbers game, it is about a quality of experiencing the most UNIQUE island on the face of the EARTH. You guys have NO clue how to manage this product. You do not know how to organize the overall product, so that 1 Million high rollers, can give this Country more without ruining its pristineness than the envisaged 4M.

We don’t have even the service personnel to give current tourists a contended vacation, how we are to give 4M is not even on the cards. Don’t forget the best in the profession leave for greener pastures as the working conditions are not sufficient to retain them. You cannot cater to boozy Russians and pay an average minimum of Rs100K a month to a person in the Tourist Trade (minimum that is required to retain good people in Sri Lanka) SO YOU MUST go up market to those willing to spend US$500 a day, and it is to that tourist that this Country is attractive, and can actually value the overall experience.

The current crop of hotels are lousy, their standards are lousy, and the product is lousy, and it is ONLY by improving quality that Sri Lanka can survive profitably in this business, giving the rewards that the Country EXPECTS!      


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  1. Well said. The problem is the Johnnies tasked with making plans cant even keep their dick down, how can they begin to comprehend the scale of the task ahead.

    Just remove politics from Tourism, and let a foreign expert design and implement the whole system, so that the petty local interests who don't know anything about tourism don't get in the way.

    Actually if truth be told, it is always those outside of the Country who know best what the Country can offer and how it is maximized to benefit the Country and the overall satisfaction of the Tourist to recommend to others.

    At present Sri Lanka is so lousy, that it has the lowest recommendation level of any visitor to this Country, the true gauge of the value of the product