Friday, December 11, 2015

OMG – Do we need any more proof why Wijedasa should be sacked and prosecuted for lying under oath to the PUBLIC?

I was simply appalled when Sarath Fonseka came out with the evidence that Wijedasa Rajapakse has been lying all along!

Why is it that our Ministers of Justice turn out to be not what they seem and take the people for an almighty ride by their holier than thou persona, which now reeks of violation of the people’s trust, and when the Justice Minister is a rogue, how can we EVER HOE that the others are at least a little better!

Time for this Joker who now calls into question if his double doctorates are anything BUT! To be chased out of Parliament like a dog, or to be kind to him, replaced by a dog who could do his job a little better.

Why aren’t the newspapers showing this set of pictures? Have they been bought over, or is it because he has threatened to sue for trillions so they have desisted from showing the public what is fact.

If he is a friend of Senadipathi, all he should have done was to recuse himself from the case and NOT make any comments where Avant Garde was involved! At least he could have squeezed a little bit of respect for coming clean! Now he is dirtier than a dirt bag. He is a traitor to the Country and should probably go to the gallows for Treason, as there is no other punishment that we can give people who claim to be honorable and turn out to be scum of the earth.

This is all the more reason why we should get rid of all the MPs in Parliament and install people there who have never been to Parliament. They are undoubtedly likely to do a far better job of running this Country. How can we entrust the new Constitution and New Laws to Crooks? They will make sure that they are so badly drafted that it will be a crooks heyday and not a just Constitution. It is time the Prime Minister understands that he has been had by these holier than thou traitors and have them all flogged in public before putting them in prison for a number of illegal crimes.

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