Monday, December 7, 2015

The November Revolution is another smoke and mirrors Novel!

In today’s FT, the ever opinionated WA Wijewardena has reviewed the Dinesh Weerakkody Novel about the November revolution that presented Maithripala Sirisena as the common candidate, the best kept secret of Sri Lanka politics for a very long time, completely outfoxing Rajapakse catching him off guard.

Whilst not having read the book, I am only commenting on his assertions, and my interpretation based on what he has alluded to.

In one sentences except for the main premise, that to overthrow the Rajapakses it had to be done from within, through parties he least expected, there was NO other strategy on how it was to be done, except use the unwieldy and disorganized chaos of the UNP party machinery to achieve the objective.

So it is merely a novel and one person’s interpretation, with a vivid imagination on the risks involved!  of how it was achieved. If only he knew the risks, I took and the back- up plan I had prepared in the event of communication blackout had a coup been contemplated on the night of the 8th of January, my story would be more realistic, and none of my plan had to be put into action, to counteract such an event.

SO what, now people are openly talking of wanting MR and his White Van’s back, and the odd collections of bogey men who run this Country now will be caught flat footed, if they do not listen to the likes of us from the grassroots, on the urgency and plan of action to counter the threats at hand.

The powers are seemingly ignorant of people’s feelings or confident because they have put the trust in some people who they believe are competent but who are completely impotent in gauging the pulse of the people.

This is merely a wake up call people currently in smug satisfaction, going to functions on how we did it then, when just in the year that has passed since that November Revolution all that has been done has been undone by the incompetent and “flushed with power” attitude of the people at the top, who are incapable of proper organization to fulfill the expectations of the people who voted them in.

It is the next revolution that I am alluding to, that will change the face of what we know, where all the relics of the past will be swept aside with ‘Y’ change.        

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  1. November Revolution hopes have now been dashed by a hugely bureaucratic inefficient organization where no one is willing to take responsibility!
    Unless something is done soon, all the expectations of the people will be dashed.