Monday, December 7, 2015

What is all this cloak and daggers behind the scenes talk about the “Wasim Thajudeen Murder?”

Facebook is abuzz with rumor about the clandestine meeting between MR and RW, the implication being, MR is making sure that none of his sons will be implicated in any way for the murder of the above Rugby Player.

It is expected that the Police will now confirm that he was murdered and during the MR administration, the conclusion was that he was killed in a car accident from various causes arising from it.

There are TWO obvious and unyielding conclusions from it. Firstly that the original report, that the Police PURPOSELY falsified the conclusions and secondly, it was done at the instigation of person(s) for a motive that is unquestionable that he was killed.

Then the question is who killed and who was responsible for that killing? It is here that the Rajapakse’s appear to be closing ranks to defend one of their own, from being implicated, and are making sure someone else takes the rap for it (handsomely paid for) so the family will not be tainted with a permanent black mark of murder that will bring the whole House of Rajapakse down forever!


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