Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Place of Independent Commissions and Civil Society on the Constitution

We think that all is hunky-dory if we have independent commissions and give civil society their share of decision making as many of the members of Civil Society are in these commissions, and so the Country will be safe. NOT SO.

The destruction of the Civilization as we know it is in the hands of some of these people, who are professional scroungers. They in short are prostitutes for position, or pay, and are the members of RAW, MI6 and CIA and some in both Chinese Intelligence, and Pakistani Intelligence, though the latter two are manned first by Chinese who have been sent to SL after learning Sinhala, and Muslims who have been indoctrinated by Wahabbism in the case of the PAKS.

These jokers are NOT working in the interests of SRI LANKA. People traditionally appointed to these positions have some track record, but fearful of being put out to pasture have wangled a position using their old boy network and influence, for personal aggrandizement and NOT for the betterment of Sri Lanka. If one looks at the complete takeover of Temple Trees by all the secret service organizations mentioned above, there could be a turf war on the TT grounds that would make a Samurai warrior blush!

So it is hoped that the newly elected one term MPs, will be able to put a better spin on this network and appoint their favorites, as a favorite of one who is truly a servant of the Country, will be another with similar ilk, who just does not have the oratorical skills to get elected, but who would nevertheless COMPLEMENT the MPs in Parliament and be representative of intellectual capacity for the position.

Today’s CIVIL society is nothing short of prostitutes who just write reports for their handlers and patrons, not telling the truth, but whatever that will bring them money for their programs, as without them they will never be CIVIL or be even part of SOCIETY hobnobbing at worthless cocktail parties.

Once the District centered development takes place there will be competition amongst districts to perform, and that competition will result in winners permitted to represent the Country in these Constitutional Councils, ensuring a more balanced representation of Sri Lankans from all parts of the Country and NOT merely those who live in and about Colombo, from whom all these current animals are chosen from.

IT IS VV IMPORTANT that the checks and balances of Govt. are given to individuals so selected, as that is part of the Governance that is required to get away from the current passing of the scraps amongst the same set of people.

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