Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The VISION for Magapolis is not sufficiently VISIONERY!

The  more correct word actually should be MEGALOPOLIS, a word coined 100 years ago in 1915! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megalopolis_(city_type)   

WE SHOULD NOT COPY any city, but build up our own version of it and I have already sown the seeds of my vision in earlier blog entry.

My vision for this is two development models for Sri Lanka that COEXIST side by side, where there is seamless movement of human and capital resources from one to another, where one develops under one plan whilst the rest (all provinces other than WESTERN) develop at a different pace, with a completely different set of priorities.

It is quite clear from the various articles in the FT this morning that the people in charge of the concept, namely the PM, the Cabinet Minister and the Chairman of the Megapolis have NO CLUE about what it is that they should do.

You have to first define what is it that you want in this place in 50 years from now, and take the concrete steps and make plans from 10 year windows of how you will get to that objective. They need to learn from those who have already done similar plans, so they don’t re invent the wheel and also don’t make the same mistakes people have made in the past.

There is NO mention of moving the Administrative Capital and the back offices of ALL the big corporations outside of the MEGAPOLIS! That is an ESSENTIAL so that resources are properly allocated to maximize the benefit of the Megapolis. This is a NO BRAINER, which the current lot with NO brains, have not even seen. NO project of this magnitude, had ever or should start without that basis. The back offices of all the big companies, Insurance, Banking, Shipping, Accounting, Services MUST be done outside of this zone, as with the current communication technology, the stress of high wages, and more need for workers doing tasks that DO NOT have to be in this region can be done elsewhere, MORE efficiently, effectively, and with a far more satisfied populace reducing unneeded stress and housing needs in the magapolis.

I am in the process of drafting a Megapolis plan, which I will present to the readers for comment in the coming months to show that we don’t need Singapore Consultants, but mere common sense that is lacking in the people tasked with making decisions on our behalf.   

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