Friday, December 4, 2015

It is time to give our Doctors a DOSE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE!

I believe it is now time to give the Primadonnas of our society a dose of their own medicine. Firstly, why should those who get the best results from Science Subjects at A levels, and some others who are chosen on the Z score basis, be selected to pursue Medicine at State Universities in Sri Lanka, without Charge, when it costs the State (our taxes on our packet of milk powder or sugar) around Rs15M for their education?

This has now become more stark, as the GMOA, the Govt. Medical Officers Association, have stopped work endangering patient rights and lives, so that they can fight for the Car Permit, they were in imminent chance of losing!

On the other hand the most risky vocation in the world, ‘farming’, where you not only have to know varieties of seeds, soil conditions, pest controls, diseases, growing and harvesting techniques, and most of all marketing your produce in a climate of ever changing prices, makes Medicine look like a walk in the park!

No qualifications are required here or even Z scores! Where actually this should be done by those of the highest Z scores, but is not as IT IS NOT AS LUCRATIVE AS MEDICINE! So doctors don’t kid your selves that you are in this profession for the Hippocratic Oath, you are in it only for the quality of life and financial reward except in a few cases. (farmers in addition are on call 24/7 365!)

There are others who have paid big bucks and trained overseas, and returned to Sri Lanka as Medical Practitioners and still others who are now paying for an education in Sri Lanka so that they too will become Medical Doctors in Sri Lanka. I believe these GMOA members who have NOT had to pay for their education, DON’T want those who are now paying for their education, to even obtain some clinical experience in Govt. Hospitals, in some kind of revenge envy, that they may actually become better Doctors in the future!

Such is the absurd logic of a class that wishes to enrich themselves, by protecting all rights they have hitherto enjoyed, and prevent others from encroaching! This is typical of the worst kind of trade union action that the JVP indulged in over 30 years, that lost so many manufacturing companies to closure and job losses, due to ideological mental block.

So it now high time, we now decide to charge them for their education, by insisting that they repay the cost of their education, in return for the Car Permit they so adamantly desire. So shall we say Rs20M with interest to all members of the GMOA for a start, and tell them they need to cough up in 5 years! Don’t forget they moonlight in private practice whilst still drawing a state salary!       



    Link in FT December 4th 2015