Thursday, December 31, 2015

The NEED FOR participatory democracy within the new Constitution

In keeping with the times, and as mentioned before, people’s opinions must be obtained before important legislation is put to the test in parliament. This can easily be done in a nation that will have 70% penetration of smart phones by 2020. The opinion of 75% of under 40s (those who are most likely to use smart phones) can be obtained within 24 hours with this technology and duplicate voting and such like can be prevented too, using the same technology.

Today, none in the Country feels they have any power in decision making that affect them most. People who they believe have NO concern for them, make decisions on their behalf which they may not agree with.

Not only the need for public opinion, but also to educate the public there must be two way communication on matters of personal interest so the public understand what it is that is being proposed, and the effects of the new rules on their lives and daily lives.

New technology MUST be to make the lives of the Citizenry easier, and they should be from the comfort of their homes, be able to make decisions that will alter the course of their lives. Education, Environment, Health, Transport, Employment and Civil Security are important matters that affect the people in general. It is the responsibility of the Govt. to consider each of these, and have comfort and safety of the citizen at heart all the time.

Just think about it. If you are consulted on matters that affect you, even though in some respects you may have little influence on the final decision making, the respect for majority decision making will nevertheless give you a sense of satisfaction that you were consulted even though you were not in agreement with the final outcome as we are unable to satisfy each and every person all the time.

Today there is NO participatory democracy in any way or form. We are always lied to when we make our decisions based on incorrect information or misinformation and elect our people’s representatives. Anything would beat that.  

It is best to remember we are making decisions now that will last 50 years and must be relevant in 2065 also. None of us can realistically envisage what it will be like then, and most of us will be dead before that, so if we are to make decisions that will last that long, is it not important to include those who will b e alive then in the decision making? I DON’T SEE ANYONE UNDER 25 CURRENTLY INVOLVED WITH OUR CONSTITUTION MAKING!!!!!!!      

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