Thursday, December 10, 2015

How does one measure our leaders and determine who should lead us?

There was an excellent analysis of leadership styles in an article in yesterdays FT see link attached which is worth a read.

Simply put it talks about a Commander Style where Ghotabaya Rajapakse is used as the example, the Coach Style where Sarath Fonseka is used as the example and Counselor Style where Eran Wickremaratne is used as the example and of course the Conductor Style where Ranil Wickremasinghe is used as the example.

I will not go into the detail, but to say that if we analyze ourselves sometimes we may say we fall into different styles all at the same time! That maybe so, but we have a dominant style we should try and identify and understand our strengths and weaknesses therein.

It is therefore MOST important that we understand the style that Ranil Wickremasinghe is in, as it critical to the future of Sri Lanka, and make him understand that there are areas he must improve upon, in order to make Government more efficient and his cohorts more accountable to the needs of the nation.

An even more accurate assessment of the state of play was noted in the same paper at the bottom in an article by Ravi Perera called ‘Who pays the Ferryman’

It must be a wakeup call to the people and especially those in power, to live by way of example if we are to grow! The most important quote I believe I took from this was that “looking at the 70 years of our post independence evolution, the glaring feature hitting you straight in the eye is its utter MEDIOCRITY”

If our leaders understand that they are nothing but mediocre, and none would even qualify as a petrol pump attendant in any other country, we can explain why we are in this mess. The sooner our electors also realize the caliber of the people they have sent to Parliament the better chance we will have of change.

In Sujata Gamage’s article on a skills development policy, 

we must send all our MPs to the NYSC to have basic training before we let loose our youth there, as it will show in stark contrast, why we have not been able to rise over the mediocre tag, and actually explain to our MPs that none of them qualify to lead this Country and it is time we give over the country to the Youth who are likely at least to do a better job. 

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