Wednesday, December 30, 2015

ALL ELECTIONS ON ONE DAY – New Constitution – Only one term

We all agree that those currently in Parliament have ONLY their interests at heart and NOT that of the Country. So what do we do to change that? We only permit one term for parliamentarians, and one term for those elected in the District. They will therefore ONLY serve their Country for a maximum of 10 years and the candidates will be drawn from professions, and NOT those who have hardly been to school and can read or write as is the case now.

Having all elections once every 5 years enables the depoliticization of the Country from one that is too political and therefore unable to work in the best interests of the Country, to a democracy where decisions can be made once in 5 years. There will be a huge cost saving, and people can be engaged in their professions and not have to spend time trying to woo the vote, with false promises.

Giving people one term in parliament is more than enough. We need professionals and people in productive vocations to give 5 years of their lives to help their country, for service and not expectation. This not only shares the pie of power amongst many, but gives a chance to those extremely able people who do not feel they can waste their lives in politics to actually come to parliament to serve the Country imparting some of their ideas for its betterment.

Aren’t we all in agreement that we don’t have even one person with an honest bone in their body in Parliament? Therefore there is nothing to lose, as anyone can be better. We reserve 25% of places to under 30 and 25% to female, allowing a good mix, but the maximum age of a person who becomes the executive Prime Minister, is 45, not a day more on election day. By 50 therefore the PM would be out of office! Back doing his medicine or lawyering or farming like the rest of us.

No one can use the need for experience and maturity to run a govt. as we don’t have any regard to the current crop who with so much experience have only been able to line their pockets and not that of the Country.

We have to think outside the box in future, to take a chance on the greater likelihood of success and NOT on lower likelihood if we follow current practice. I have researched this topic well and for a long time and I am convinced this is the way to go. If Canada can elect a PM with no experience and under 43, who appoints 50% female to the Cabinet, who can question his intentions? He may not succeed but at least they have taken the risk of electing someone with promise for the future. So far his star is on course, so why not us doing the same in Sri Lanka?

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