Saturday, December 12, 2015

We don’t need Harvard Economists to advise on how Sri Lanka can rise!

It is time this Government realizes who and what the problem in Sri Lanka really is.

I am frankly embarrassed that we have Ministers who are even making such statements in public without shame. Do we need them to make suggestions?

It is the people of Sri Lanka who have appointed a Govt. that is not worthy of running this Country. We know what our problems are and how we can rise. It is all very simple if a small village called Sri Lanka cannot run itself to the greatest, then something is really wrong with the people.

We are smaller than the population of an overcrowded city like Chennai that is suffering from one of their worst natural disasters in living memory and seem to manage to swim out of it. If we had such the whole country will be in a state of flux.  

All we need is good leadership, good education of our people to understand who is a good leader, as until then they will elect jokers as it is NOT in their capacity to elect good people until the education system rises to the occasion.

Our political system and media has just boiled down to one set of crooks accusing the other set of being crooks, see below and is now a joke.

In short until the jokers disappear no good economist ca officer advice that we don’t already know needs to be auctioned. Sri Lanka has the best brains in the Universe but those who can use their brains have forsaken us and those who cannot use their brains wisely remain. So in order to use our brains wisely, if we have the proper foundations, of social justice in place we can rise to the occasion, and not have any Economist spouting their opinion on a subject they don’t know anything about.

In short, we just need common sense and a work ethic that rewards performance and productivity and hey presto everything else will FALL INTO PLACE. As long as the lazy and incompetents are rewarded as is the case now, there will be no place for a future of new ideas and solutions to our problems

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