Thursday, December 3, 2015

I just threw up!

When I got the news on my SMS alert that the Prime Minister has said in Parliament now that “concessionary duty free vehicle permits to public officials will be given once in 10 years: Restricted to a maximum 2!”

The LEGITIMACY of the Budget and its intentions of weaning the people off State dependency just disappeared and likely will not re appear for a while!

NO ONE or NO BODY should get exempted from paying the normal duties, except certain international bodies under International Conventions that Sri Lanka are signatories to.

I was so pleased to see an attempt in the Budget to sweep away ALL duty concessions on vehicle imports, and NOW I am SORELY disappointed that the hope I had of this budget being the game changer for Sri Lanka to enter the first world is dead in the water before it started due to traitors in our midst of the highest (so called) members of our society. Elected Parliamentarians, Provincial Councilors, PS Members, State Medical Practitioners and other senior Public Servants.

Frankly they are all DOGS, certainly not Human and sorry if I am branding the canines as lesser mortals!

This was a chance for Sri Lankan to grow up finally. But the above class are still in the Montessori stage, so we cannot look any further to obtain leadership from those who really should put their petty personal agendas aside, and for once think of their Country.

Make NO BONES about it, VEHICLE permits is symptomatic of the Sri Lankan disease, of inability to come out of the BOX and think rationally. 

I give the PM credit for the initial attempt, and I castigate those referred to above for having shown that they are NOT WORTHY of the office they have been put into, either by promotion or examination, or election. Whatever it is they are nothing more than SEWER RATS ready to eat any garbage to fatten themselves.

Shame on you “high and mighty people” for being so bloody low class, that make beggars look like princes. We had an opportunity to show the people that our leaders of Govt. Public Service and Health Service were truly worthy of their exalted rank, but now they have shown themselves unworthy of any position either in this life or the next. History will judge you harshly, but posterity will damn you even in the next life. It your grave you have just DUG!      

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