Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Don’t waste time on number of MPs or type of Electoral System

It is NOT necessary in a new ERA to think of Electorates and number of MPs in parliament. The concept is so last century. We must be talking about instant people’s voting on all issues via the internet and PC or laptops or actually Smart Phones. Actually in 10 years more people can vote on an issue on their smart phone than the number of people going to vote today. So there will be instant public opinion on any topic.

Actually there is no need for political parties or people to belong to one. The Political Party concept is so last century that it is a National Govt. comprising of about 80% of those who voted for the MP’s in it, and a strong and vibrant opposition opposing on ISSUES and NOT just because they happen to be of a different party.

In a parliament of one term MPs, it is the ISSUE Stupid that we MUST concentrate on, and NOT what the silly party line is. It is putting the Country forward as we see fit, and we DO NOT wish a penny for ourselves as we are only Servants of the people (MPs that is)

So it does not matter if it is hybrid, PR or first past the post. They in the end will result in the same line up. For sense of responsibility, it would be appropriate to have a Constituency representative so the electors have someone to go for an issue they have that requires to be resolved at National level. NOT to get a stupid job, as is the case now.

If anyone thinks this is a fiction, think again. The young people of Sri Lanka under 35 have already bought into this concept, and now it is time the oldies and decrepit fossils in Parliament realize that they should retire to their prisons, and give those who really care for the Country to have their turn.

It is simply tragic that we have to rely on these 225 members to form a Constituent Assembly, as they have NO CLUE what they should do, and the destiny of their Country as well as the future of the potentially most fortunate country on earth, lies in their hands.

I trust the PM can put some sense in them and get them to understand that what they are about is more than they will ever be called upon to do, that is decide the fate of their children and grandchildren. They have a limited mental capacity to understand the gravity. So it is simply to the almighty that we have to appeal to put some sense into their heads that since birth have not seen any, that they will do what is right by their country and history will definitely remember each one by name as those who laid the foundation of the new SL               

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