Thursday, December 31, 2015

Constitution is not just about the method of appointing and impeaching Supreme Court Judges!

We are about to engage in Constitution writing that will last 50 years as the last Constitution lasted 40 years! We don’t want to merely correct the mistakes of the past, we must be writing a completely new Constitution in keeping with the times and one which will last at least 50 more years. In that sense the stakeholders are THOSE WHO WILL BE ALIVE THEN. That means those born after 1990, who will be 75 in 50 years! However no one has bothered to even include them, or ask them for their opinions on life that will affect them more than anyone of those tasked with writing this constitution for posterity.

I would challenge them and say, that they will not have to live out their lives under the new Constitution, and therefore not being stakeholders, takes a lot of responsibility out of them to prepare one that will affect their lives, and one they will have to live by.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the American Constitution, he obviously had a vision of separation of Church from State and the right to bear Arms. This the Second Amendment, was adopted on December 15th 1791, and is a hotly disputed topic today especially as Gun Violence kills more people than die in Motor Vehicle Accidents today, or over 45,000 people a year in the US! That is over 125 people die each day in the US from gunshot injuries, be they self inflicted or accidents or murders most foul! That is just too many.

We have legal redress on that, as it is illegal to carry a fire arm, without a license and the rules about who is entitled to a license is based on some legal right.

In the same vein, the boring parts of the Constitution are those that deal with appointment and firing judges, MPs President etc. and due to poor drafting there have been different interpretations of some sections in the past. If we cannot get this right this time then there is something wrong with our draughtsman. This kind of detail can be limited to an appendix that deals with the MUNDANE and the Constitution proper can deal with the issues, I have addressed hereto.

The problem with our legislators is that they cannot understand, and they get lawyers to interpret, and they to get their fees interpret anyway they like, and when it goes for a ruling to the Supreme Court, politicization takes place making a complete mockery of the whole process! All the more reason to restrict interference, and keep separation of Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary, and also keep Religion completely out of having any influence in Constitutional matters. Separation of religion will allow all to be treated equally

So what is the work for the Committee other than spoil the fun?

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