Thursday, December 17, 2015

Soros and Stieglitz expected in first week of January 2016 – why no news?

The first week of January will see a frenzied rush of people visiting Sri Lanka from Tony Blair, to George Soros, to Joseph Stieglitz and a contingent of 100 Economists and Businessmen, and to cap it all the Norwegian Foreign Minister is also expected on the 7th to see if it is worth doling out a few Billion Rupees on projects they believe have value!

So what is the problem? For starters, I told the Norwegians not to send their foreign minister, as he will be overshadowed by all the others I mentioned, that he will NOT get the press he wants, and the Embassy will look like jokers, when no one will take note of their man. I hope they take my advice and choose a time when he will get front and center in the news!

Next problem is that in typical Sri Lankan style, no one is properly organizing this event. Have the hotel rooms been booked in such a period of tight room availability? What is the meeting schedule of these people?

I would urge the PM to heed my advice that he does not have a person in command at Temple Trees who knows what is going on and be able to delegate the much needed tasks to relevant people, so that the visit gets the much needed kudos, assistance and overall recognition for the Governments ambitious growth targets, and advice and support on how it is to be realized.

There is NO reason to be frightened of the perennial reds under the bed lobby of the Opposition who are at all turns using the Uncle Sam is running and ruining the Country saga, that we have all heard ad nauseam by those who don’t want Sri Lanka to emerge from a mountain of debt that their patrons bestowed upon us.

It is therefore important that the Govt. keep the public abreast of the action and ensure that there is enough pre conference hype and a well planned itinerary to give an impression of an organized set up in Sri Lanka, who are both appreciative of their visit and capable of implementing any recommendations, due to a strong government mechanism, despite the political mudslinging that is normal in a democracy. Don’t delay, time is of the essence and please make sure the hotel rooms are booked. You don’t want Blair kipping down on the sofa at Temple Trees do you?                            

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