Thursday, December 10, 2015

Divisive Politics is not only in the realm of Sri Lanka but affects us too!

The Rajapakse administration used divisive politics and MR is now still using the same to hold onto and grow his following, to put fear into people that another race is going to take over and rule us unless we put a stop to it by voting for him! It is shameful to raise the LTTE threat yet again, as it just puts minorities at risk of alienation, and now with the ISIL problems gathering steam, can unknowingly raise a sleeping giant, to take Sri Lanka back into a terror linked state.

It is therefore extremely important to handle such possibilities with kid gloves so that we don’t raise the ire of those who are currently passive and pacifist.

The elections in France just show what can happen with terror threat. It can completely change a peaceful country around, so that shortly, ALL FRENCH MUSLIMS will have to choose between face and Bhurka! That is NOT good for peace.

Now even the US political scene has become very anti Muslim, where a fanatic in the form of Donald Trump is cashing in on the NEWS to gain popularity, by making incendiary remarks that make a minority group very agitated that again unknowingly could radicalize them further creating home grown terror networks that can put the naturally insecure Americans ill at ease, affecting the quality of life of all in the USA adversely.

So it is clear that Trump is taking advantage of a situation for self interest whilst actually putting the Security of the UNITED STATES under threat due to his actions. That is bad for the USA which is in turn bad for the world and therefore bad for Sri Lanka too!

So it is I who said that Trump therefore is bad for Sri Lanka despite thin string that links the two!

In conclusion, I would like to point out to the reader what a fragile world we live in, and the ease with which interested parties, even the ISIL can instill fear in people, and get an advantage in widening their sphere of influence by the stupidity of some of the leaders, who fail to understand when they are provoked into taking just the action making a statement that the terror groups WANT!             

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