Sunday, July 10, 2016

THE US Embassy SHOULD NOT be allowed to build their massive complex in the 6 acres opposite TEMPLE TREES

In today’s Sunday Observer, I was perturbed to read that plans are afoot for a US$150M, complex, when completed in 3 years will amount to Rs30B in the exchange rate prevailing then.

I remember when I met Ambassador Sisson many years ago, she mentioned that they had bought the UK High Commission land that was up for sale, and in today’s land prices it was for a song! I knew the Embassy had expansion plans as a result.

So I was reminded of this when I just saw this news item.

I am surprised that there is NO opposition to this plan! Of course the JVP which claims to be the conscience of the Nation, is only pre-occupied with furthering a bankrupt ideology, and actually have NO concerns for what is good for the nation.

Already the eves dropping on Temple Trees by all the spy agencies, and namely the Indians, the Americans, the Chinese and Russians are in full swing, so they know every fact and discussion that both the President and PM have, before each other can share their conversations with each other. Soon it will be live streaming news from the PMs own room a mere 20 meters away!

That is not the only reason, but to be so close to the center of power, is not good for the Country, as they will automatically assume a degree of control not hitherto seen

I know plans are in place for evacuation in case of emergency, by sea etc. but that is only for Staff!

I will elaborate in detail, by giving reasons of why we should rent one of the three natural harbors in Trincomalee to the US Fleet for US$250M per annum, and move the HQ of our Navy to another of the harbors there, and develop the third harbor for commercial use, maximizing the world class potential of Trincomalee for Sri Lanka’s ultimate benefit.

SO while I am not averse to greater US influence in SL. I know how to manage it for SL’ s advantage, rather than for US advantage, that can be fleeting, and schizophrenic.

Use the excuse of a 6 lane highway along the Coast by the Embassy to stop it! The carrot can be the grant of the 25 year lease of the Harbor for US$250M to save face

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