Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bye Bye David, hello Theresa – welcome to a new world order

I must confess the events of the past few weeks from June 23rd onwards has left be breathless, as each day I return home and put on the international TV channels, I am fed with new developments, though unlikely the previous day. Surely we can only take so much, so in some quarters people must be in a serious state of schock.

The poignant scenes of David Cameron and family saying their final goodbyes at No10 amply illustrated in the superb pictures in the following link say it all!

Then we have Theresa May the new PM of the UK starting work immediately with the major appointments left for her first moments as PM, and the surprise of the resurrection of Boris, who all thought had disappeared into the wood work to fight another day, many years from now.

Having a new Foreign Secretary in the UK who is quite categorical about his feelings, which is an extremely un-British trait, not surprising because of his lineage and international flavor, is something I will look forward to following.

I trust our diplomats will study the character, to maximize on how we can benefit from his eccentricity and hand him a bicycle to get about in Colombo, if only show in true light, the absurdity of our preening peacocks, who call themselves, Ministers and MPs going about in convoys making them look quite absurd in contrast.

We have a lot to learn from a smooth and effortless transition that took place in the UK yesterday. We must first learn how temporary power can be, and how important it is to plan our lives, so we don’t let power get into our heads.

All this took place in full view of cameras, and video and live feed, being broadcast all over the world in real time, that left viewers stunned and glued to their smart phones and I pads waiting for the next installment with last evening being the highlight of events with MILITARY PRECISION, from departure, to appointment, to new Cabinet members to statements of intent and policy.

Finally we have a lady whose fashion sense will be in the news as never before.

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