Monday, July 4, 2016

My Heart bleeds for Sri Lanka, when we have IMBECILES everywhere!

If you were an alien who just landed on this beautiful paradise Isle, you must be wondering what kind of cretins are in charge of what is probably the one country on earth that MUST HAVE the highest quality of life.

Then you see the people who govern us, and the people who pretend to be the Media, and people who have put them there, the electors, and the people who are supposed to know better, such as Civil Society, and you DESPAIR, that God has bestowed such incompetents to be in Charge of ALL the FOUR ESTATES of this REPUBLIC, and people are represented by the FIFTH ESTATE namely Civil Society, who are ONLY BEHOLDEN TO THEIR PAY MASTERS and NOT the people they purport to represent. Very sad isn’t it?

No wonder then that the People have LOST ALL FAITH in ALL these FIVE SETS of Lunatics.

Frankly, the poorest citizen who is able to live on his earnings, able to live WITHIN his means, will be able to run this Country better than any of the above.

Sri Lanka has ONLY 20M people, it has a remittance base of nearly US$10B, equivalent to a sovereign wealth fund of over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS, so we are actually richer than NORWAY, and we are struggling! Why? This whole Country is like the greater Chennai area, and they are doing a fabulous job with a fraction of our resources, except that despite their political incompetence, they have a patriotic professional class that have taken the challenge!

Charging 15% VAT on a channeling fee, that the same doctor who sees the patient in his hospital ward, has asked to see with his reports, blood and Xrays, which ALSO have been charged a 15% VAT rate, so that these doctors, who have received FREE education, and get a duty free vehicle and able to moonlight in Private Practice, can go on a Rs1M cruise on the Mediterranean. It is a system that has permitted this kind of mass suffocation. It is a system led by uneducated, so the educated can screw every penny from the hapless working people, and insist of taking the Country to the cleaners, who appoint friends and family to places of value, so they can clean of the cream on top.

Until this whole value system is changed, and until people take over who care for the Country, we can never change the system, that is built against altruism, and decency, and even common sense. 

It is survival of the fittest, robber barons, that makes even the capitalist US system sound like a communist enterprise, in this daylight robbery. The ruling classes have NO intention of educating the public, as they do not want the public to realize they have been taken for a joy ride.  

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