Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Absurdity of believing that we should not be Islamophobic!

The attached link is so irrelevant as to almost make a joke of the man making it! It is meant to show by statistics that Muslims are by definition peace loving people, and saying that the past Nobel Peace Prize winners were 42% Muslim! How inherently misplaced is that?

Little Malala (my hero who I regularly use in lectures, as one who stood up for bigotry) at 16 got the Nobel Peace Prize, exactly because as a Muslim she fought the establishment of ignorance of the Muslim Nation, that uses Islam to deny rightful education for all human beings, irrespective, of race, religion, color, or gender! Until the Muslim nations that have entrenched discriminatory practices, and misogynist ideas, IN THE NAME OF ISLAM disown those ideas, trouble will continue to brew, and the silent intelligentsia know that. Just look at Turkey today!

Then he goes on to quote examples of violence over the past 5 years and quote that most of it was NOT Islamist! Of course any goose knows that, and NO ONE will think otherwise. He has a serious chip on his shoulder. We just do not want to add to the violence, with a bunch of loonies, who form just about hundred thousand of the 1.3Billion Muslims, who make a hash of it for the Islam faith, which if properly followed by sadistic Wahabies, who are NOT Muslim by any stretch, will NOT cause any problem.

If we take Mecca, it has been hijacked by Saudis, for their own ends and their interpretation of Islam, and NO OTHER Muslim has had the courage to excommunicate the Wahabis from Islam and take back Mecca for the Muslims, for fear of being branded anti-Islam. As long as those who follow the religion are NOT ABLE to say how it is, for REAL fear of retribution, we will have this bastardization of ISLAM.

I know this post will be full of hate for my even questioning their faith, and put simply that is the problem with Islam. It does not tolerate a differing opinion to that of the dogmatic, who pretend they know their religion, which they have NO CLUE ABOUT. They take verses from the Quran and misinterpret the Prophet’s intentions, by some literal interpretation, without knowing why those teachings were given in those days, when there were fewer males due to warring deaths, that permitted 4 wives. Today, the misogynists think it is OK to have multiple wives without question, saying it is permitted. It is simply NOT TRUE and no one has questioned the truth, and so ALL MUSLIMS believe this lie. If the prophet were alive today, he would castigate 95% of Muslims as foolish INFIDELS, for their attitudes to SOME of his teachings.

Until Muslims the world over find common ground, and most violence is Muslim upon Muslim, and most Media, have nothing better to report on and find Muslim violence a good enough way at having a go at Misogynists. I accept that Orlando was nothing to do with Islam, or even ISIS, but a screwed up man going on the rampage for his own inadequacies, and found using Islam a great way to justify his behavior. Likewise the nut (Bisexual sexual deviant) who mowed down 85 innocent people in Nice. The list goes on and on.

The huge problem the writer has not been able to grasp is that those psychologically challenged, copy cat killers, find a great excuse in ISIL to do their murdering, and the mentally challenged media brand it as Islamist!

I seriously wish we don’t have to bring religion into this, but until Islam reforms and abandons Sharia Law as being anti-Islamist which it truly is, there is NO congruent lifestyle with the modern world, as it is a belief, (unislamic) etched in the ancient world, where circumstances forced religious to make rules, to fit in with the times, IN ORDER TO KEEP CONTROL OF THE HEATHEN!

I personally would like to remove “ terrorism in the name of Islam” out of Islam, but until the Middle East treats human beings of all religions with respect, without denigrating any other person’s religion, as being lower, baser or sacrilegious, Islam will never be able to rise from the ashes, it continues to wallow in.

I sympathize with the frustration of American Muslims who are tormented by ignorance in the US. Don’t worry, they even still believe Sikhs are Muslim too, so you are NOT alone in this irrational racism which many others ALSO suffer from due to a hugely ignorant population of Americans, many of whom have never been out of their own state, let alone their Country! Just read the 484 comments in the link, at last count to know how much prejudice and ignorance there is! For starters NO ONE not even the POPE can claim infallibility as regards their religion, so all those who wish to question me on what I write, be very careful as I am the first to admit, I MAY BE WRONG, BUT SO MAY YOU IF YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT IT!

I trust I have been able to give an objective assessment to the problem, and most people, the public and the press, “DO NOT dare to say how it is” for fear of offending the ignorant Muslim who will resort to irrational violence on the mistaken belief it is on behalf of his God, who is everyone’s God, Muslim or Heathen! 

So let us begin our Jihad against ignorance, against the very people who arrogantly and unislamically, think they are knowledgeable Muslims, who are the curse for the Muslim religion and NOT their saviors. Muslims, have the Courage to say how it is please for our sakes! Your adherents will then increase with sincerity.

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