Friday, July 22, 2016

The HORU PALANAYA at NDB must be stopped!

I don’t know if the YAHAPALANAYA Govt. is asleep at the wheel when obviously wrong, brazen and unforgivable acts of treason take place under their very noses.

If we just take the case of NDB for this example, and it is just one of too many to recall just yet, but which will one by one be exposed for the knowledgeable and intelligent of you to realize. Sadly there are so few of you, that we allow the daylight robbers, disguised as worthies in Chairman and CEO positions to rule the day, and no one is the wiser. What a shame that idiots rule.

For starters the GOVT interests indirectly control about 35% of the Bank, and they should be able to have their say as to who should be the Chairman and how it should be run, and oversight into the goings on. Then there is about 10% for Pathirage and 9% for Rusi Captain etc. who are wielding an unusual amount of influence thanks to the RAVI K can be bought syndrome operating there too.

It MUST be incumbent upon the Govt. to appoint a non-rogue as chairman as they are about to replace one with another. If the Govt. fails to do it, then they may has well hand over the Country to the Robber Barons, just as MR did, and we will all say bye bye to any attempt at Good Governance.

What is the Central Bank doing? Where is their head of bank supervision, in being alert to what is going on? Why have they not interviewed all the heads of department to get their honest opinions of the mood of the day, as the Bank is tanking (with TANKY who can’t spell BANK at the helm) while we just watch impotently, and what is left is being very cleverly removed, so brazenly obviously!

I have always wanted NDB to be a Development Bank which is how and why it was set up in the first place and MOST at the bank have forgotten their roots in this crazy competitive world of banking, turning it to any other bank like what has also happened to DFCC. No wonder we don’t have true Development! How?

Let the reader be on notice that a hugely valuable asset of the Country which has gone to the DOGS, is about to be eaten by them and no one seems to be bothered least of all the Media who are so ignorant of what is happening with no real financial journalistic excellence in Sri Lanka to unravel the shit before it really hits the fan. We have such spineless people at the top, who don’t act despite knowing! 

Can someone tell the PM to act decisively in the interests of the People of Sri Lanka to whom he has pledged allegiance. He is against the rest who have pledged to MAMMON!


  1. Horu are taking advantage of the Govt. inaction and impotence to screw the existing shareholders. Time the Govt. called their bluff and expose them for who they really are. Robber Barons, who manipulate the share price to get control, through offshore funds, which are really drug money being laundered in Sri Lanka. Much of it MRs drug money earned by his cronies who fronted the whole thing for him. Talk about being a traitor.

  2. Glad the PM intervened, and the rogues knew the game was up, and decided to cancel the EGM aimed at putting another one of their yes men as Chairman to enable a greater level of control to enrich themselves.

    Where are the journalist? Must be paid to keep quiet. Time they woke up and get their priorities right, saving the Country from rogues and not enhancing their pathetic reputations.