Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A particularly invidious journalist needs to be outed for duplicity!

There is a man full of bile prancing around as a journalist, who though US educated and who also educates his daughter at Ladies is nevertheless someone who despises anything American, Liberal or capitalist or for what matter Western, in his writings, though a closet capitalist, which he does not want to admit to in his desires, who would be the first to persuade his daughter to go to a US University if she so chooses.

That is Malinda Seneviratne, who just wrote this article attacking the Prime Minister like a pickpocket! See link:

Granted he cannot stand the man, but if we read what he has written, he does not go into the frustration that the PM or for that matter the President has shown in why the media is till harping on every wrong doing in this Govt. of which there are many, while at the same time being wholly silent on the excesses of the previous Govt. and due to the media suppression they engaged in were NOT able to express the anti Govt. rhetoric that media NORMALLY engages in.

In his pathetic article he merely explains that the media job is to criticize the Govt. in power, without reference to the adulterated mind of the public to rationalize the change of circumstance, where the Media is truly free, but not responsible with it.

Given this background, they completely mislead the people, who have had to endure a lack of criticism of Rajapaksa Administration excesses during their reign, who are NOW subjected to excesses of the Ranil Wickremasinghe Administration, and thereby are misled into believing the current was worse than the previous, when even comparison is unfair due to a completely one sided totalitarian regime.

It is just these educated journalists, who should know better than those the Rajapakse’s bought for petty cash who don’t get that petty cash anymore and are screaming blue murder against this Govt.

Seneviratne can obtain redemption if he puts Country first, and not Anti-Ranil first in his journalistic bias. The PM from a media family is fully aware of what their responsibilities are, and is pointing out shortcomings in unreasonable criticism, given the environment that existed then and now, and is asking for some slack. Seneviratne being biased cannot rationalize this, and bleats like a sheep!


  1. When the playing field is NOT level. The journalist must try and be objective, instead of resorting to a western journalists right to criticize the present Government in power, over the previous.

    To use an extreme example, say Mugabe is toppled now, the resulting void will be filled by inexperienced well meaning incompetents for a while. Don't criticize them at a level that is bound to make people disillusioned, because you were NOT allowed to criticize in the previous regime and are taking out all your new found freedom, against the present administration. You are NOT comparing apples with apples, so you MUST desist, until the new baby comes of age.

    that is the kind of rationalization an educated journo such as MS should have had, but does not, and so forfeits his right to call himself one.

    At least like the prior blog entry, if he were merely to write for a bottle, then we can understand the logic. This is from an intelligent man who is NOT AT ALL OBJECTIVE.

    He needs to see a psychologist to analyse the chip on his shoulder. Perhaps it was his US education that did it! Perhaps, He was found wanting there, so he has it in for them.

  2. you mean he confuses Ranil Wickremasinghe with UNCLE SAM! That explains a lot. What say you Malinda, look into your inner self and you might find the answer for this hatred.

  3. Another new article this time against the President by the same deranged mind.

  4. A different opinion of the man. this time good. Read the article in full and try to understand why the author praises MS and then come to your own conclusions.

  5. GL Peiris adding his two cents! As if the foreign missions should comment in a Country where there is freedom of speech and freedom of the media! Did we have either in his time? It is just these scoundrels who the media should out but don't!