Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Is there nothing original coming out of the Central Bank?

Read the article in the attached link in today’s FT and you will say, de ja vu. Nothing that you or I could not have said in the same breadth!
So why do we praise this stance? Independence, Integrity, Technical Excellence and Professionalism is the norm, and the expected. So repeating it has nothing CANTABRIAN about it!

What we need is a vision for the future. We need a break from the past. We are back to the same and back to consolidation of something that is broken. Even the stock market was so unimpressed, even the share market did NOT make a statement by either a rise or a fall. So those who have thinking caps on them, please make your personal opinions heard.

Heard I said, and not follow the HERD as you already have done, without any constructive comments on why you believe things will change. The world is changing, just look at the possibility of a Trump Presidency on top of the Brexit vote, and the NON result that is Australia, and you get a picture of the world looking for leadership. In a position where Sri Lanka could easily rise up to the occasion, we have failed to do so, by merely appointing a captain that can steady the ship, as if the ship needs any more steadying. It is SINKING and the CAPTAIN is ready to go down with it like the TITANIC.

We need one who can transform the ship into an aircraft and take off from the SEA. Wouldn’t that have been something. We don’t have any political leadership, so if we at least had some Monetary leadership from a Visionary at the Central Bank, we could perform the needed MIRACLES.

It is miracles that Sri Lanka desperately needs. NOT sound old fashioned Neo Liberal Economic Policies. The old troopers just cannot supply this needed vision. Change does not have to be frightening, it is only to those who are comfortable in their own world where their friends and enemies are all known, and accounted for, that don’t want change that will upset their equilibrium. Their equilibrium is NOT the nations equilibrium, as the nation is changing, but the old guard in control refuse to change, or even allow it.

I appeal to the intelligent of you in the Media, NOT to parrot, but to think and offer a solution to the problem that is Sri Lanka. Only new ideas can harness the innate talents of the people to perform, to their expectations and capabilities. 


  1. What's wrong with the new CB Governor? He is telling the press he wants to uphold the reputation and credibility of the CB! Does he not realize after Cabraal put his cronies in there, and promoted favorites, only rogues who took money are now in top positions in the CB.

    SO NOT UPHOLD CHUM - MORE LIKE REGAIN! but I still don't think you can do it until you get rid of the two top tiers at the bank as it is difficult to know who is corrupt and who not, as they have leaked market sensitive information for money. I guess NO media member had the balls to ask the real defining questions, so the Governor got off scot free, without having to say anything new or profound!

  2. What an easy ride for Dr Indrajit, with a brainless and spineless press! They must ask the searching questions like how soon will he clean up the rot inside the Bank? we all know it stinks to high heaven and we need reassurance. Until then he may as well be a lame duck.

  3. http://www.dailynews.lk/?q=2016/07/06/sports/86666