Thursday, July 14, 2016

Department of Wildlife Conservation – Hamstrung – Politicization WINS!


It is simply NOT in the interests of a Geriatric Minister, to immediately sort out the problem of the Department which is crucial for the sustainability of Sri Lanka. It is time the PM fires this OLD FOSSIL of a Minister who is not even ashamed of himself, as he is past his sell by date, and is frankly NON-COMPUS.

The environmentalist are aghast at what is happening, and have not been able to collectively get their act together to pressure the government to act on first appointing a replacement for the currently vacant POST of Director, and giving him full powers to act decisively to protect what remains of our National Parks and other designated lands that fall within the ambit of the DWC.

Today’s headlines in the Lankadeepa, were of the illegal Sandminers, caught red-handed by the DWC officials in that particular reservation, who were pounced upon by the villagers and released, breaking the law. They made an entry at the local POLICE STATION, and the police have NOT taken action against the perpetrators, and apprehended the sandminers who have been carrying out this nefarious activity for a long time.

There is NO head of the DWC to bat for his staff and DEMAND that the POLICE apprehend the culprits immediately or else the whole DWC will stop work immediately. There is a Minister who is so racked with Alzheimer’s that he should be compulsorily sent out of Parliament, but who is protecting the culprits as they have some sort of political connections.

The PM has NOT been made aware of the grave situation, and the Wild Life Officers are worried about their personal safety in light of NO BODY to protect them UPHOLDING THE LAW.

So where is the IGP? Is he also a POLITICAL STOOGE? Have the Govt. left all the lands under DWC to the Poachers, and Sand Miners, and Tree Cutters and Land Grabbers ALL HIDING UNDER POLITICAL PATRONAGE?

I am very sorry, but this is a very serious allegation against the Government that NEEDS URGENT attention, as the subject Ministers are NOT UP TO THEIR JOBS. 

We must protect our forests, trees, rivers, animals from the list of rogues I referred to earlier, and ONE THING WE DON’T HAVE IS TIME! 


Sajith Premadasa I thought you cared to stand up for the rights of the animals! Perhaps not you only care about yourself, and the tuskers you want to harrass, and leopards you want to chase.

Proof positive that the current desecration of DWC property is due to the behavior of this said senior minister,  that clearly led to the resignation of the only person willing to stand up for the rights of the animals, over those of the politicians! 

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  1. All Honest Government Servants MUST be protected from those who are using foul means to get their way. In this case it is obvious that the Govt. HAS FAILED to protect the Wild Life Rangers for political expediency.

    Don't expect them to do their job in accordance with the law in future, and the fault is the Govt.'s and Government aligned IGP also being politicized