Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Joint Opposition –trying to use the race card against the National Interest!

Why is it that everybody in Sri Lanka is playing politics for their own self preservation, and NOT interested what happens to the Country? Do the people really understand this state of play even today?

The last 7 blog entries have been about just that, and we are on a self destruct mode, to finish off people we don’t like, not because they are bad, but because the Media have made them out to be bad using disinformation and misinformation and we buy into that canard!

So my new concern is that the JO, not happy enough that Mahendran was given the boot from the CBSL, they are now trying to find fault with the new incumbent, by using the race card. They are implying that he had dealings with his friend Raj Rajaratnam, and by implication, will try and mix him up as an LTTE operative, and further, if the Economy tanks, which it is bound to due to the aforesaid self interest of the Establishment (see last blog entry too) against that of the Country, blame it all on an LTTE plot using the new Governor, as reason why this Govt. is pandering to the LTTE against the interests of the Country.

I hope the intelligent reader can see through this obvious ruse that the JO, bankrupt of new ideas, and unable to unseat the Govt. and hide their nefarious activities during their reign, want to dupe the public into thinking that they will rise as the Saviors of the State!

That is why using the race card that is electorally popular especially when the economy is doing badly makes political sense, but the people who don’t realize the game allow themselves to be used as pawns in this terrible destructive game of political expediency that we see played NOT just in SL, but in the US with Trump and his fear mongering and in Brexit with immigrants being blamed unfairly to garner the vote.

These cheap political ploys work in a democracy, as the people can easily be aroused by such innuendos with NO FOUNDATION, and we the people suffer the effects of this tactic, which is completely against the best interests of the Country, because the effects of this campaign aim purely at unseating people from power, and NOT replacing it with better policies or better management of the economy, but taking over the reigns of power to enrich the new masters personally.

Sometimes one hates democracy, when it is misused thus. It is the responsibility of every citizen to understand when he is being led a wild goose chase and when he can rely on the information fed as being truthful. It is easier said than done, and when wealthy Countries indulge in this game, what hope have we got for ours?

Put simply, just don't believe any media, as there is NO independent media in Sri Lanka. They all have a personal agenda, which is NOT in the Country's interest. Most of what you read or hear or see is FABRICATED that makes light reading, believable.

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