Monday, July 11, 2016

New US Embassy Complex in front of Temple Trees should be STOPPED!

Ask yourself, is Sri Lanka the ONLY country on the face of the Earth that has permitted the US to build their Embassy right in front of our seat of the Executive?


What is wrong with you guys the politicians? Don’t you smell a rat? No you are too preoccupied with importing your duty free car, and by doing so the SL Govt. has LOST duties totaling Rs30M X 225MPs = Rs6.750Billion the cost of 34PET scanners for the SL Health Service. Murderers only reside in Parliament!

So getting back to the case of the US Embassy, I would like to point out the futility of building an Embassy in a place where it is going to be unnecessary in a few years, when the capital of Sri Lanka, will be moved as a matter of necessity to Polonnaruwa. I would if I was the US Ambassador recommend that US funds NOT be wasted here, but a site of 100 acres be acquired facing the Mahaweli River in Manampitiya where the sand is illegally dredged at present, and whole wonderful landscaped complex be built there which will house all staff, and the embassy itself.

Wouldn’t it be an original idea to have the first building of the new CAPITOL as the US Embassy, even before the parliament is built, there. As I said with the US being given one of the Harbors in Trinco for their Indian Ocean Fleet Base, a motor boat can speed across to the harbor up the Mahaweli from the Embassy in 30 minutes!

I know some of the readers will think I am a little off! The trouble is I can see 50 years ahead of most of the Neanderthals who are currently trying to find their car keys. I don’t even have a car. In 50 years we will not need to own personal transport. We hire them on an as needed basis, as it is the most convenient way to go from A to B. Pick a flight to where you want to go, and be picked up by a chauffeured UBER to your destination. I digress, but had to put your mind to rest.

Seriously though, why has NO ONE even uttered a whine at this preposterous plan? Surely, you are all not going to wait for construction to begin, and road closures take place, for you to whine at the dust in Temple Trees! At that point you are going to have a fight with the Americans about a miserable 6 acres of land, and once construction begins, they will just be bloody minded, and will not budge. The State Department is like that, and don’t say later, I did not tell you in time!

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