Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Only the Millenials understand the need for drastic change

It is extremely disappointing that our so called leaders and opinion makers, just don’t seem to connect with the Millenial generation, namely those born after 1990, to whom we owe all our future vision for Sri Lanka.

I called these so called leaders FOSSILS yesterday, all for good reason. They are completely out of touch with the needs and aspirations of the new Generation to whom, race, creed, language, lifestyle don’t amount to a hill of beans. They are influenced by Common Sense, but sadly those in the mainstream don’t seem to have any, and so where do they go --- TO EXTREMISM.

As was clearly illustrated in the case of the terrorism in Bangladesh a few days ago, there were carried out by well educated, English Speaking, affluent, Bangladeshis, who appear to have been influenced through Social Media, by extremist ideology, because for them it made SENSE.

That is a complete indictment of the BANKRUPTCY of those who lead us today. So I sincerely do hope that our readers understand that more of the SAME IS NOT WHAT WE NEED OR WANT, but something very different that makes sense.

We know that in this extremely unfair world, those in positions of authority, don’t want to give that up, as it is “THEIR GRAVY TRAIN”. They don’t care a rats ass for the aspirations of the youth of today, despite the lip service that is paid to try and pacify them.

If we in Sri Lanka, do not want to have a return to the past of frustrated youth, who are now armed with thoughts that are NOT UNIQUE TO SL, but are international  we must attempt to understand their views, and take cognizance of their suggestions, because they are truly GLOBAL citizens, who are contending with the ISLAND mentality of the fossils who run Sri Lanka and ALL ITS INSTITUTIONS.

New attitudes and ideas are needed, that pay special attention to preserving the environment, and social equity, as well as access to information, and prevention of corruption, NOT JUST LIP SERVICE as at present.

The ideas that today’s educated youth posses are truly visionary, and it is worth trying to understand them, as all they lack is life experience, but are far more global, and do not have any prejudicial barriers to their thought processes.

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  1. The frustrations of Youth are being suppressed yet again by this greedy generation whose lust for power and self preservation will lead to a blow out. What good is self preservation when the blow out comes about?

    Better to give up the ghost, and hand the reigns to the young, after all it is their future that they are playing with. Today's leaders have NO future in mind, they have NO interest in preserving the environment and regenerating it.