Monday, July 25, 2016

“Arakku Bothala te anga vikunana Maadyawedeen!” Prime Minister’s allegation

The Prime Minister appears to be fed up with the state of our Media, especially because they have been prostitutes for so long, that when the YAHAPALANAYA Govt. came along and their gravy train stopped, they wanted a return to the Status Quo or a Rajapaksa Govt. where the Media “WERE TAKEN CARE OF” better than in any time in history, or thereafter as in the Present Day.

These pimps and prostitutes of the Media, have been justly accused by the PM, as he is just beside himself asking why they are so harsh on him, when then allowed the Rajapakse’s to fleece this Country so audaciously, without so much as a hum, and they continue with their song, when one my one the extent of the daylight robbery is exposed.

Today, it was how the leasing of JUST ONE AIRCRAFT, where it is costing over US$400,000 a month in overpayments that have gone into someone’s pocket and we the nation, are paying for it with our own contribution to taxes and we have NOT been able to convict, and take the money from this rogue, because we have NOT resorted to threats and are waiting for the law to take its course.

So back to the Editors of the Daily Mirror and Financial Times that have the final say in the slant of what is written. Questions! Were they in receipt of a payoff by MR where NONE is now given? If so then they should be locked up, without delay as they have compromised their readership with lies.

All other Newspaper groups reflect the owner’s views, where the Wijeya Papers reflect the Editors’ views, and with that goes the duty to be objective, and not to prostitute oneself to the highest bidder.

It is quite clear that the editors have lost their objectivity here, and are feeding the public with misinformation. We now have a Govt. with the PM who is known never to have taken any personal benefit from his office in all his life, and this goes for the only person so trusted in the past 50 years of Sri Lankan politics. So for journalists even to make insinuations against the man whose main fallibility is loyalty to his friends even though they may have done wrong, shows their colors. 


  1. The FT should have good financial journalists to uncover the fraud in the earlier entry. Perhaps they also have been paid off not to expose this scam. Check the financial affairs of the FT Editor to see if he is also a party to embellishing financial data to satisfy his insatiable financial avarice.


    Worth a read as a Counter to the above - George Orwell -
    “Freedom of the Press, if it means anything at all, means the freedom to criticize and oppose”

    I would agree except it must be intelligent people who do the criticizing and opposing, and NOT the Chimpanzees in the Press, and their beleivers in the public. as is the case at present.