Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A lesson to the people on why this Govt. is NOT DOING ENOUGH!

The link shows that Sri Lanka just raised US$500M of 5 ½ yr bonds with yields of 5.75% and raised US$1Billion of 10yr bonds with yields of 6.825% where orders hit US$6.6B. Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and SCG were the bankers/ book-runners for the issue.

It is important to read that German interest rates are negative! So my contention is that we in Sri Lanka, a Country that has NEVER defaulted on its Sovereign Debt, should MAKE EVERY EFFORT to borrow at even lower rates of interest.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and if our economy is WELL MANAGED by competent people, we can reduce this rate by 300basis points or 3%. THAT MUST BE THE AIM OF THIS GOVT. IF IT IS TO SERVE ITS PEOPLE.

Of course congruent economic policies that both reduce the fiscal deficit and build confidence is the only route to success in this area. We just don’t have a good enough team that we are still confident with, to achieve this simple objective, and no one to explain these simple concepts to the people, because the Govt. is incompetent, and their spendthrift behavior that goes against the grain of achieving this simple objective is plain for all to see.

Sri Lankan people are NO FOOLS, we just need some good communicators to explain to the people that we are being fleeced by politicians that don’t have the Country’s interest at heart, and ONLY personal survival, and in that process, is HOLDING the Country to ransom, IN SHORT TRAITORS.

Once our people understand that the threat of the whole lot in Parliament will face a public LYNCHING by the people, and they will all disappear into the woodwor, to be replaced by truly competent, able, and HONEST people who ONLY have the interest of the Country at the APEX.

These are simple concepts, they just have not been communicated to the masses, who are purposely kept in the dark, by our rulers, so that they can fleece the Country, with no one being the wiser. Once the can of worms is opened up, watch out you rogues, you will NOT be able to hide under anyone’s skirt! 

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  1. http://www.lankabusinessonline.com/sri-lankas-sovereign-bond-orders-top-usd4-5-bln-source/