Monday, July 11, 2016

The US Embassy Complex as part of our greater relationship with Uncle Sam!

I have been bowled over by the hits my blog has received from the USA as a result of this trilogy of using the words, US Embassy as the caption. I don’t know if other non-interested parties opened this site, as I am sure the State Department and Intelligence Agencies that logged on do so anonymously, and don’t get recorded in the statistics open to the mere mortals like us.

So here is the message to those who wish to put the best interests of the USA first, namely the Americans, vis a vis their foreign policy with Sri Lanka.

Remember that in this geo-political world in 2016 and beyond looking towards 2075, Sri Lanka’s importance in the Global dynamics is growing and will be huge! India is with its over 1,000 RAW agents are doing their utmost to destabilize this Country, as it is NOT in their interests to have a powerful Sri Lanka in their neighborhood, but this will ONLY delay the inevitable, and we must use our other allies to ensure that India is unsuccessful in this game they are playing.

With regard to China, it is only NATURAL that they will want greater access to Sri Lanka in all fronts, as a joint for their people to relax and gamble in off shore cities, a place for their navy to refuel and patrol the main shipping lanes passing through SL, and their need to influence the political leadership, to reduce the US influence on SL, and its strategic resources, namely the Economic Area of the Sea around us, and the Trincomalee Harbor, which will be far more important than has been in the past for a permanent base of the US Fleet to patrol the area from the Cape of Good Hope all the way to the Philippines. The NO Brainer port is Trincomalee.

The Russians for the moment are preoccupied with their crises, and forays into the Crimea to worry about all of the above, but their HUGE New 13 acre Embassy Complex of what was Bullers Road, will frighten the daylights out of anyone if they really know what is going on inside. I am sure the Americans are fully clued up to whats inside, but none in the SL Defence establishment have a clue. Be that as it may, they have not yet rivaled the size of the Chinese Embassy also on the same street, but once they are flush with money, they will bring the sophisticated equipment needed to perform their desired tasks.

Sri Lanka is in play as a strategic hub of the trade and security routes, and proxy wars are being carried out that can be of benefit to Sri Lanka, ONLY if our moronic politicians can be replaced by some intelligentsia, who know the ropes!  

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