Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sri Lanka Cricket in Crisis – They are just out of their depth.

Navin Dissanayake, when he was the Minister of Sports in the 100 day Govt. (son if Gamini Dissanayake, the former head of SLC when we obtained Test Status) had a plan to clean up cricket. However he was NOT able to fully implement his plan ti improve the game and the administration, before the election, and we saw the appointment of a neophyte into the role by Dayasiri Jayasekera WHO IS COMPLETELY OUT OF HIS DEPTH HERE!

So with the appointment or shall I say election of the new SLC Board, the Wettimuny proposals and plans COULD NOT be implemented, as we have the same o same o jokers at the helm, who don’t know what to do, but are looking at ways to make money for themselves, without giving cricket its recognition.

So our poor cricketers face a huge hurdle without the psychological support they need to win, just as much as the financial and moral support which is also hard to find. So we have just finished a disastrous series in the UK, where only the travelers benefitted and NOT the players, we are seeing some of the same today, with the Test match that just opened in Pallekelle where SL is off to a tragically poor start which will see the game end on the third day.

Who is to blame? Who else, and if you read through the last blog entry and the all the comments and their links, both for and against, you the reader could come to your own conclusions as to what is the lowest common denominator here.

It is just one word, and it is the DEPUTY SPEAKER no less than the Thilanga Sumithipala trying to do something that is completely out of his depth, and boo to those who elected him, as they must be ashamed of themselves!

It is time for immediate corrective action, and the authorities whoever they are must clean up the act and I hate political interference as this is NOT GOOD for cricket and for the improvement of the game at the rural level from where we should find our talent and latent talent that is OUT THERE yet to be discovered but for the greed of a few administrators in Colombo.

How come we have so many ex-cricketers who can contribute to the thinking of how the game can be improved, they are NOT administrators, but are the brains behind the game, let them make the suggestions for improvements, and let the pig headed officials who know little about improvement of the game and lot of how to pocket TV rights to their own advantage delegate their responsibilities. 

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