Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How pathetically sorry and farcical can Sri Lanka Cricket get? The Murali saga

It is a simple case of the pot calling the kettle black! Too pathetic for words.

It was extremely childish, puerile is the word of the “sour grapes attitude” of the President of Sri Lanka Cricket to question the rights of person to act professionally. It must be because this man has never acted professionally and a BOOKIE is still wagering to make a quick buck.

It is when we appoint such scum to high positions that no one with integrity will even want to apply! Underworld thugs still run Sri Lanka cricket and until the Games’ administration can be cleaned up first, we will not have people going into playing for their Country for the love of cricket and “excellence” their motto.

We live our lives so we can set examples for the future generation to improve upon our performance for themselves and for their Country. Who will want to be the greatest Bowler in the world, if some cheap pimp is given the Presidency of Sri Lanka Cricket? So by making such an asinine statement this man has shown his true colors, a guttersnipe would have performed better.

Murali is a proud and excellent cricketer who had endured all the odds to excel in the game, and even put up with the Australian unfair allegations and beat them. He HAS DONE Sri Lanka proud, and I ask nothing more from him for Sri Lanka.

In his retirement it is up to him to earn money “legitimately” any way he wants. Even billions for that matter, as his accuser has earned money “illegitimately” and has the audacity to even question his action. A BOOKIE is someone who lives of the misery of others especially in Sri Lanka, where the poor laborer goes to wager hoping to make some money on his way home, and more often than not, loses what he has with him. So it is in essence a social curse, much like Tobacco and Alcohol.

However the aforesaid are better regulated, and this is NOT, and the tax that the Treasury earns is much less than what it should be if the business is properly regulated, and proper records are kept for the Taxation, that is taken from the punter but not paid to the Inland Revenue a double crime.

Enough said, than putting to bed this allegation once and for all. I am very sad that the Media even reported this as a news item to bamboozle our ignorant public into misunderstanding the true status, and making racial slurs on his unblemished character.

Go ahead Murali, you make your call and do what you think is right!


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  3. More indirect accusation against the punk at the head of SLC, this time by Murali in retaliation t the hilarious allegations of mental retards


  4. Murali's character certificates are flowing in fast - none for the treacherous thug at the head of SLC have been spotted!


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  6. What does a thug who has already caused long term damage to SL Cricket by being a BOOKIE at the helm have to say about Mural doing the same. Speak for yourself