Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It is time those who hang on to power cede control to a new generation

I have through a series of blog entries, tried to show that the current lust for power amongst a set of aged people 55 and above, in all areas of leadership, including the forces, government, politics, private sector, civil society, university professors, is leading this Country down a precipice to NO WHERE.

It was the old belief that you bid your time and await your turn after years in the trenches, to take hold of the reigns of power, as it was the era of AGE BEFORE BEUATY! That time has long past, but here in Sri Lanka we sadly are still clinging onto this old belief.

We don’t need any proof that the current system is stale and NOT working, as that is why we are asking this question. WE HAVE FAILED in our duty to our citizens. We have to change the process, and the only option is to hand over the running of ALL these institutions to a more youthful band of leaders who have been trained in a culture that is different to the bygone age of the present crop of decision and policy makers.

Of course if the old guard had been able to produce the goods, I will not be even making this insinuation, however they have singularly failed us, with their greed, self preservation, and inability to let go, that has turned a once prosperous Country into a generation of beggars, who will go with outstretched arms for anything, even a headache if they can get it FREE.

This new generation who I believe who should be handed the reigns, DON’T believe anything should be free, except of course the impressionable who have already been brainwashed by the older order into believing in something for nothing.

It is accountability of one’s actions that should be foremost. The twilight generation, which is involved in the drafting of a new Constitution would be dead even before the Constitution gets implemented. So do they have any stake in its drafting. You just have to read the report to know how archaic even the thinking is.

For those who say this is going from the frying pan into the fire, let me say that we are frying and have been frying for long enough, it is better to be cindered in a fire, rather than live a life of frying in perpetuity, because our leaders who lack any vision, continue to persist in more of the same, when change is the need of the hour

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