Thursday, May 26, 2016

The POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA – The downing of a Chief Minister!

Let this me a wakeup call to the high handed brigands, who really are nothing more than our Servants we have elected to look after our interests, who suddenly think that due to their title they are somehow owed a living from lower ranks!

The case of the Eastern Province Chief Minister, is going VIRAL on social media, with everyone and their mother’s son! Including me giving my two cents on this issue. Let us look at the positive outcome of this. Is it a call to arms from our people who now demand a certain level of decorum, that is currently lost in our society, that people above think that just due to their position they are somehow beyond reproach in treating their subordinates.

Ironically, this applies especially to politicians who somehow seem to forget their lowly status as a SERVANT who has undertaken the task of looking after our welfare, and for that we give them certain allowances, which they now seem to begrudge, not content with stealing from the public purse, but demanding this theft as some sort of God given right.

Now our politicians have to withstand wrath of the public and especially the laughter of our youth who will NO LONGER spare them or give them even a little leeway.

Take the example of Harin Fernando, a cabinet minister who is to apologize in Parliament today, for unparliamentary language!

Lets all think collectively how we can use social media to improve the performance of our Civil Servants and Elected Representatives to remember who they work for and put them squarely in their place, as otherwise they will be named and shamed, and will forever hurt their chances in future. We must also use this means to reduce the incidence of people acting with impunity in the abuse of their position, because they know that no one will wrap their knuckles. 

Now it is the public who will DIRECTLY blast them with a vengeance they never thought possible, and in this instance may even result in the Chief Minister losing his position, as he will be forced to resign due to pressure from within his own circle who will bring out the daggers when a man is down, in true SL tradition, and you will realize that you are no longer protected by a very fluid base of loyalists who will desert you at the sniff of your position being in danger and your longevity in that position, in question.

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    This Island editorial of 26th May also seems to take exception of the fact that the insulted was a forces officer