Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Time for the GMOA to be slaughtered! They are killing Sri Lanka

The GMOA the most powerful trade union in Sri Lanka is feared by the Govt. due its numbers and its ability to cause mayhem, not just in the health care field, but also in the field of Medical Education, through the students at the various State Medical Faculties being self centered and against the national interest.

Both these bodies monopoly power is under threat and they are crying blue murder! Actually it is due to their behavior that we Sri Lankans suffer like dogs at their hands.

Now when some mental patients in Mulleriyawa, can see some chance of getting better treatment, than the quacks of the GMOA can give, they are up in arms. These dogs of the GMOA are now on the warpath, and we as long suffering citizens who sacrificed so much so that these donkeys got a free Education at the expense of agriculture and farmers say enough is enough.

Why I say at the expense of farming is because, the knowledge needed to be a successful farmer FAR EXCEEDS the knowledge to be a doctor! They need to know about many soil conditions, they need to know about different seed varieties, they need to know about pesticides and their combinations, and how they affect the plant and the soil, they need to grow and know which inputs are needed when in the growing cycle. They need to know organic and non-organic cycles, and growing within lunar cycles!

They have to protect their crops, from humans, and various types of animals until harvesting. They have to contend with different weather patterns that affect the final output, and all that is unpredictable, and therefore highly risky. Last of all once harvested, they need to know how to preserve, pack hold, market and then collect ones revenue from the different types of customers who buy your products. They need to understand profitability, you only the human body!

Doctors don’t have to know a fraction of that. However the society has given an unfair status to them, as the highest marks at A levels is what it takes for medicine. THE GMOA and the Students of Medicine are desperately trying to preserve this long outdated concept! What if the highest marks went to Agriculture which deserves that student, only those who can pay will become or get scholarships will do Medicine. That is really how it should be in the Country’s economic interest and we all know it. Why should Sri Lanka a basket case in Economics, have free Medical Education at all when only Cuba offers it and DOES NOT ALLOW THEIR DOCs to leave for greener pastures?
Doctors it is time you draw a line in the sand and understand how unpatriotic you are. You get a free education at the expense of the poor. You then even have the chance to do private practice, and charge patients for minimal time spent on patient care, some of you seeing 200 paying patients in a session.

You hold the Health Ministry to ransom, and as many of your members have financial interests in Private Clinics and Diagnostic Centers where you direct your Health Service patients, who from the 2nd of May have to pay VAT also.

How many of your cash receiving doctors, pay tax, or at least record the cash you receive in your Inland Revenue Tax return and pay the needed tax? Please compare yourself with the farmer, as otherwise YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN A FARMER if not for the UGC rules that give Medical School preference over Agriculture, for reasons best known to them, but is completely against the logical sense of where the knowledge is MOST NEEDED!

It is now a fact that PRIVATE MEDICAL EDUCATION IS BETTER than the state one, as earlier you had the patient numbers to get the practical experience, whereas NOW IT IS A TECHONOLOGICAL ART as much as a clinical science, and you have not been able to accept that you are useless in today’s medicine.

It is ONLY Private Medical Colleges who will be able to give the students the latest teaching tools and even give microscopic surgery done by doctors in remote lands directing the operation at the Sri Lankan Private Hospital telling the surgeon where and how to make the incision. THIS IS NOT PART OF THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE, and so you are a fossil who should be dead and buried.

So it is time for you to go shoot yourself  for making a fool of yourself, or contribute to the betterment of health care in Sri Lanka, by joining with all citizens in using your ample resources to do the needful like buying a PET scanner for the Cancer Hospital which can easily be purchased if the GMOA get together and pass the hat around, rather than waiting for the private sector like us to contribute, and then be told by the doctors at the Cancer Hospital that only their SL educated doctors can practice using them!

You have lost sight of why you have taken the Hippocratic Oath! It is time you reconsider your position and put the Country first and NOT your greed and MOST important do remember that the BEST people in Sri Lanka who could become the best doctors of the world were lost to us, due to the entry system that your espouse at the Medical College, and so you are only the second class mob, trying to hold onto what you have got for dear life, you don’t deserve it!    

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  1. Simply put something given free is NOT appreciated. For someone receiving a free education to deny another who is willing to pay for it, shows a complete lack of understanding of the value of learning. Frankly, the person sacrificing Rs10M to get an education will NOT waste it. Some one getting it free invariably wastes it, as it is something worthless than if he had to pay for it. So the only answer is to charge the whole cost over 20 years, and give a credit of Rs50,000 a month for every month they world full time in the public service, that is a full shift of work a day. Only then will they realize that they must add Rs50,000 to their pay to realize what their true paycheck is by working for the Govt.

    These bigotted young doctors today, have to be put in their place, as they have forgotten that the world has changed, and they have not. More importantly medical technology has changed so much, when they pass out as doctors, their knowledge is really second class, and they should instead agitate with the state to provide them with a more up to date education, and be willing to pay for it, as it costs more to do so.

    The old adage holds true here too! "good things NO cheap, cheap things NO good!"